CRA Legislation Moving Through
2019 Florida Session

The Florida Senate Community Affairs committee approved a revised version (Committee Substitute) of the CRA bill, CS/SB 1054, on Tuesday, March 26. This version is now the latest Senate version of the bill. Many of the previously proposed limitations on CRA spending and operations were removed.    

However, there are aspects of both the Senate (revised) and House bills that we want to make sure everyone is aware of. CRAs would be required to comply with several new requirements under both bills: for creating, amending, funding, reporting and sunsetting their operations. The impact to each individual CRA should be assessed as soon as possible, to make sure we raise those issues in a timely and appropriate manner.  Check out the changes to the Senate bill (CS/SB 1054) here and the House bill (CS/HB 9) here.

Head to our Redevelopment Works page for talking points, bill analyses, sample communications and other information about the bills. F or interactive discussions about the specific language and possible impacts, visit MyFRA (our member forum site) at

As the legislative session moves forward, we are grateful to legislative members who are helping us work through the impacts of these bills on CRA activities. Please continue to post all your great redevelopment news on social media and use the hashtag #RedevelopmentWorks to raise awareness about the importance of CRAs and the critical work they do to improve communities across Florida.  
The Latest RFPs and RFQs 

Search the latest RFPs and RFQs in the state of Florida, here.

Economic Development Strategic Plan - City of Hallandale Beach CRA RFP

The City of Hallandale Beach CRA is seeking proposals from experienced  and qualified parties to contract for consulting services to conduct a process to provide a "road map" as to where to allocate Economic Development resources and how to generate local business expansion and new business attraction.

For more information,   click here.

City Center Redevelopment Opportunity - City of Dania Beach

The City of Dania Beach is seeking proposals from
experienced development firms to redevelop the City Center Site. The City is willing to contribute the site as part of an overall Public Private Partnership plan. T he City is seeking to create a new City Hall and commercial complex as part of an overall vision to stimulate development in the City's "Urban Core".

For more information, click here.
Annual Conference Scam Reminder
FRA staff, members and those registered for the annual conference have received several scam calls regarding hotel reservations and rates.

The scammers have asked for conference information, hotel details and contact information, so you can sign-up for a "special rate." Please do not give them any of this information. 

If you are contacted by anyone other than Samantha Pedrosa regarding hotel reservations for the conference (via phone OR email), please disregard the contact as it will be a scam.

For official conference information, click here
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