CwD Partners with Bethesda & the City of Winston-Salem.
On Monday, April 27th, City with Dwellings, in partnership with the Bethesda Center, The City of Winston-Salem and the United Way, opened a shelter at a local hotel for homeless individuals who are medically fragile to have the option and opportunity to shelter in place.

Currently, there are more than 109 homeless persons in our community who have health conditions defined
by the CDC that place them at a high mortality risk should they contract the Corona-19 virus. Sheltering in Place is the best way to protect and care for our most vulnerable neighbors, and reduces potential stresses on health care resources. As of today, Saturday, May 2nd, 43 individuals have been warmly welcomed and settled into the hotel by CwD and Bethesda staff.

We are also grateful for our many partners. Samaritan Ministries' is providing three wonderful meals for guests each day. CwD's Volunteer Nurse Practitioner and a team of WFU Medical Students are checking in several times a times a week to assess overall health and encourage wellness. Mental health and addiction specialists are assisting with the necessary and practical resources needed to support individuals as they Shelter in Place. So many people dedicated to the care of our community.

This level of care would not be possible without the commitment of our city leaders and the advocacy of the Continuum of Care and The United Way.
We Need Your Help!
The support of faith communities, groups and volunteers is critical to the success of this effort. Right now we really need snack bags to provide guests with something to eat between meals. Like many of us at home, sheltering in place is much more doable with snacks to pass the time!

We're hoping to provide  each of our 60 guests  with  a snack bag that will last them a few days. Plan on 3-4 snacks per day, and consider adding something sweet to drink.   Reusable grocery bags are a great way to package these items. They also make for easy transport, delivery, and a bag for our guests to use for personal belongings. 
  1. Single serve chips, or one big bag
  2. Cheez-its or Goldfish
  3. Ramen Noodle Cup
  4. Candy Bars
  5. EasyMac 
  6. Soft cake/cookie snacks, Little Debbies, Oatmeal Cream Pies, etc
  7. Gum
  8. Fruit snacks
  9. Apple Sauce
  10. Crystal Light packets
  11. Soda
  12. Canned Beanie Weanies or Vienna sausage
  13. Popcorn

Items can be dropped off Monday through Friday between 9:30am and 5pm at City with Dwellings’ Community First Center, located at 520 N. Spring Street (at the corner of Sixth and Spring Streets). 

You can also email to set up a time
most convenient for you. 

To sign-up for a snack bag donation day, and see what other needs you might be able to meet, please click on the button below to access the volunteer calendar.
If you're unable to assemble the bags, consider making a donation for CWD to purchase supplies and assemble in your honor! 
As always, we remain grateful for the ways we are committed to building a Better* community together.
"Love is the answer. Community is the context."
We Are City with Dwellings
Thank you for your continued support of the important work of City with Dwellings. Our partners and volunteers have helped create a person-centered, community-based model of support and care for the most vulnerable in our city.

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