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Dear Parents/Caregivers:
Our annual Candy, Nut & Magazine program is a way for troops to earn funds to support troop activities in the first half of the 2018-19 year. This is a friends & family sale; girls may participate online, in-person or both. In-person information will be shared at your troop meeting; girls will pick up a packet that supports in-person order taking and shows the variety of items that can be purchased. Girls may also send emails to friends & family with the option of offering your contacts the option of placing orders to directly ship or Girl Scout-delivered.
In an effort to make participating in our Candy, Nut & Magazine Program easier,  we  have moved UNIFY to an open system. What does this mean for you?
Parents can add girls to UNIFY!
UNIFY is the tool used to manage the Candy, Nut & Magazine program. You no longer have to wait for your troop leader to add your Girl Scout to the troop. Adding your Girl Scout to UNIFY will allow her to participate in the program, with your help, to email friends and family!
To add your Girl Scout to UNIFY:
1.        On the home screen , enter in the email you use for your Girl Scout account
2.        It will then take you to a screen ;  enter the required fields . Don't worry about ID fields, just add name and email.
o    Confirm your troop number before starting so that you and/or your Girl Scout are added correctly.
o    If you do not see your Girl Scout's troop number listed from the drop down please reach out to . DO NOT MAKE UP A NUMBER OR GUESS.
o    If you enter in the wrong troop number please email and we will be happy to correct it for you
o    If you are volunteering as the Troop 's PSM but cannot access your Troop Dashboard please email or reach out to your SU PSM. This role still needs to be added manually by our team or  your Service Unit Product Sales Manager (SU PSM).
  Accessing Online Training Videos
UNIFY offers a variety of topics to review via video to help you navigate the program.  Go to Troop Dashboard, click on the icon under the Girl Activity tab that looks like

A pop up box will appear.
1.        Click Program Info
2.        Click Online Training
There you will find several one - two minute videos how to work through each part of UNIFY.
Additional Support & Training
We will be hosting a webinar on Friday, September 14th from 6:00 - 7:00 pm for parents/caregivers to review UNIFY and how to navigate once you get in it. Click this link to sign-up and make plans to join us!

Email Incentive           
Girls who send 45+ or more valid emails by Sunday, October 7th will be eligible to attend our Coco Key event on Sunday, October 14thEligible girls plus one adult will enter at no charge! Girls who earn the incentive will be notified by email.
Questions? Please see your troop leaders for more information!
Thank you!
The Product Sales Team

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