Important Change to Client Responsibility Payment Process
As you may know, the way you are hired and paid as an Individual Provider (IP) is changing. Consumer Direct Care Network Washington (CDWA) will become the Consumer Directed Employer (CDE) of all IPs.

Once you are working as an employee of CDWA, you will no longer collect Client Responsibility (also known as participation) from Clients. Clients will pay their Client Responsibility directly to CDWA. You will be paid by CDWA for all authorized hours worked and submitted.

Once you are submitting time worked to CDWA it is important that you NO LONGER accept Client Responsibility from Clients. If your Client attempts to pay Client Responsibility directly to you, you must not accept it.
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Toll-Free Phone Number: 866-214-9899 

Learn more at the upcoming Client Responsibility webinar. See CDWA website for date and time.

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