Spring Information and Updates
Important Clinic Reminders & Updates:

It`s hard to believe in just a few short weeks it will be officially SPRING! A change bringing longer, warmer days with more light will be most welcome and we have some exciting changes, events and updates of our own to share with you.
Important Updates
Dr. Kelly McGuire, B.ScH, C.N.P, ND
Mini-Maternity Leave
Dr. Kelly will be leaving the end of March to deliver a new member of the family. She will be back as soon as possible to perform IV's and back to regular hours in September. She has secured a Naturopathic colleague to take care off her patients while she is off
Welcome Dr. David Collings , B.Sc., ND
Covering while Dr. Kelly McGuire is on maternity leave, Dr. Collings is a ND with a special focus on Lyme disease and adjunctive Cancer Care. He also treats all types of illnesses as a family practitioner including prescription renewals, injections and hormones. He will be available for appointments every Thursday from 10am to 5pm, starting April 1st.
Elyssa Mountain
Registered Kinesiologist, Health Coach

Safe Exercise Programs for Pregnancy.

The 2019 Canadian Guideline for Physical Activity throughout Pregnancy Research advises that Physical activity is now seen as a critical part of a healthy pregnancy.

Safe exercise routines may reduce your risk of pregnancy-related illnesses like depression by at 25%, of developing gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and preeclampsia by 40%.

More on the helpful guidelines here .

If you are interested book an appointment to learn how Elyssa can help you achieve your exercise goals safely.
Introducing Other New Programs and Events:

  • Private Health Coaching: Elyssa Mountain R.Kin
Have you tried other methods? Not a GYM person? Do you suffer from disease
and/or pain? Do you NEED to get healthy but not sure how to get started?
Elyssa provides her clients a safe, guided, goal oriented program with measurable
results. Identify barriers, change behaviors that sabotage, learn how to become
accountable and enjoy life-long results.

  • Walk 'n Talk Club: Elyssa Mountain R.Kin...Coming in May.
A wonderful and social way to lose weight and tone up for summer. Small group will
include: warm up stretches, walk and talk, and cool down. Stay tuned for details.

  • Customer Appreciation:
Introducing our Spring SUPER bowl. We'll keep you posted!
More Exciting News:
Our team will be growing.

Stay tuned for more information in the next few weeks!
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Thermography Clinic

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Monday August 19th
Monday November 25th

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