Students are responsible for requesting that their Trinity transcript, school report and letters of recommendation are sent to the colleges to which they apply. Trinity submits these materials on the student's behalf. The student is responsible for submitting the application itself, any writing supplements, and if required/available, official test scores from ACT or SAT.

New Transcript Request Process and Fee
In an effort to more efficiently serve both in-person and e-learners, the transcript request process has moved online. In addition, the per-transcript fee has been shifted to a flat $25 fee. This fee covers the cost of our electronic document submission service, and will allow the registrar to more efficiently process transcript requests. This $25 fee will be billed to all seniors, regardless of the number of colleges to which the student applies. A transcript fee invoice will be mailed to your home next week.  This charge will only be assessed once and will apply to all transcripts and college documents submitted in the 2020-2021 academic year.

To request transcripts and other official college documents, students must complete the Transcript Request Form no later than two weeks ahead of each college application deadline.
  • Requests for November 1st application deadlines must be submitted by October 15th.
  • Requests for November 15th application deadlines must be submitted by October 30th.
  • Requests for December 1st application deadlines must be submitted by November 11th (to account for Thanksgiving Break)
  • Requests for January 1st application deadlines must be submitted by December 7th (to account for Christmas Break)