April 22, 2021

Dear AP Students and Families,  

With less than a month until the start of AP testing, we wanted to remind all of our families of some important steps that need to be taken to ensure your student is prepared.   

All students should check their myap.collegeboard.org account and Total Registration account for their specific testing schedule including dates, times, and if applicable, testing location on campus. Students are also encouraged to continually check their email addresses associated with their Collegeboard and Total Registration accounts for additional updates.   

To view the PVHS AP Exam schedule click here.   

Students who are taking in-person on campus exams should arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the exam to their assigned testing room. Students will be required to wear a mask during the test and follow all social distancing and LA County DPH guidelines.  Students should bring with them the following supplies: 

  • Number 2 Pencil with eraser 
  • Pen with black or blue ink 
  • School ID or some form of identification  
  • Approved calculator if needed for exam 
  • Water 
  • Snack  

Students taking digital exams at home must use one of the following approved devices only: 

  • Personal Desktop or Laptop, Mac or Windows 
  • School Owned Chromebook 

Please note that personally owned Chromebooks, cell phones, or iPads will not be supported by Collegeboard and the testing application will not work on these devices. 

For students taking digital exams, on a personal desktop or laptop, there are a few key steps that must be completed prior to the exam.   

  1. Students should go to cb.org/ap2021examapp to download and install the 2021 AP Digital Testing Application 
  2. Once the app is installed students should open the application and log in with their Collegeboard username and password 
  3. Students should practice with example questions in the application and confirm that their technology works as expected 
  4. If the device does not work, please contact PVHS technology staff or check out a school own Chromebook from room 303 

Students taking digital exams on a school owned Chromebook will have the application already downloaded to the device. However, students should follow these steps to ensure their device is working properly:  

Part 1 Technology Check: 

  1. Open up the chrome browser and click on the 3 dots on the top right corner of the browser. Select Help > About Google Chrome. Please make sure you are on version 83 or higher. If it is below version 83 please check out a new Chromebook on campus in room 303. 
  2. For more help on updating use the following link: How to update chrome  

Part 2 Opening the Exam and Practicing:  

  1. Students should sign out of the browser and click on “Apps” in the bottom left hand corner 
  2. Click on the application that says “Exam Player” 
  3. Sign in with your Collegeboard account information 
  4. Students should practice with example questions in the application and confirm that their technology works as expected 

Once students have downloaded the digital testing application, students should practice using the application and different question types to confirm their technology works as expected.   
1-3 days before each digital exam, students will need to complete their exam day set up by logging into the testing application on their device and completing “Exam Day Set Up”. This must be done on the device the student will be using to take the exam.   
On exam day, all students should plan to login 30 minutes prior to the official start of the test. Students will fill out a security statement and the test will start automatically at the assigned testing time.  Students can only check in on their testing computer. If students do not start check in before the start time of the exam, they will not be allowed to test and will have to request a makeup exam.   
Once students have completed check-in, students will see a timer at the top of their screen counting down the time remaining until the start of the exam. The exam will begin automatically.   

When the testing time expires, the application will end the exam and your answers will be submitted automatically. Students should not exit the testing application until they see a “Congratulations” message confirming their answers were received.  
If there are any problems with test/answer submission, students will see a screen with immediate steps that can be taken to complete their answer submission.   

If the problem continues and a student would like to request a makeup exam, students can make that request through the MyAP website. Requests must be submitted no later than 7 days before the makeup exam the student wants to take.  Students can only request a makeup digital exam if they were already registered for a digital exam. Once makeup exam requests are approved and processed, a student’s previous exam will not be scored.  
As a reminder, students with Collegeboard approved accommodations will still receive their accommodations in person or in the digital format, following the format of their AP test.   Any student who no longer wishes to take an AP exam can request an exam cancelation through Total Registration.   

If you have any questions, please email your student’s AP teacher or Dr. Hafer at haferk@pvpusd.net 


Keely Hafer, Ed.D.
Associate Principal