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Upcoming HHPNC Meetings

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Housing, Renters, & Homelessness Committee Special Meeting

Tuesday August 23rd, 2022 @ 7:00pm

Renters Rights & Tenant Protections Workshop Via Zoom

(Taller sobre los derechos de los inquilinos y la protección de los inquilinos)

Join the Housing, Renters, & Homelessness Committee Special Workshop on renters rights and tenant projections this Tuesday, August 23rd, at 7pm. Led by the Coalition for Economic Survival (CES), learn about your rights as a renter and the changing tenant protections with the end of the Los Angeles County COVID-19 Tenant Protections Resolution later this year.

Actions taken by your HHPC Board

(Community Impact Statements)

At the last HHPNC meeting, the board unanimously approved two Community Impact Statements. 

The first CIS opposes the Ellis Act evictions at the 249/255 S. Ave. 54 project. The evictions would not only remove Rent Stabilization Ordinance units but also displace long-time, and in some cases, multigenerational, Highland Park Residents. Read the whole CIS by clicking here.

The second CIS is in support of the SKYA project CEQA appeal (141 N. Avenue 64, and 6312, 6314, 6316, 6320, 6324, 6326, 6328 E. Garvanza Avenue). Stakeholders have expressed many concerns about the SKYA project. Stakeholders do not believe that the project complies with Transit Oriented Communities (TOC) guidelines. They have misgivings about the developer, who evicted low-income primarily Latino residents from another project in our community. They are also concerned about the high rents which will be charged for the units which they believe will put upward pressure on existing rentals in the surrounding vicinity forcing out long-time residents of Highland Park. There are concerns about the impact of the increase in traffic the project will bring and that adequate traffic studies have not been conducted. Read the whole CIS by clicking here.

Presentation on Strengthening the HHPNC Neighborhood Purpose Grant Program

At the August 4th general meeting of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council, board member John Collinson, a fundraising professional and consultant to non-profit organizations, led a presentation on best practices in grant making and how to strengthen the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council’s Neighborhood Purpose Grant program.

Identifying the NPG program as one of the neighborhood council’s most important responsibilities and greatest outreach tools, Collinson motioned for the creation of an ad hoc board committee to research other Los Angeles neighborhood council Neighborhood Purpose Grant program guidelines and practices to enhance the transparency, reach and effectiveness of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council’s Neighborhood Purpose Grant program.

Collinson’s motion for an ad hoc committee was passed unanimously by the board, with board members Emily Spokes and Jens Jonason joining Collinson as ad hoc committee members. The committee hopes to expand its membership with two more neighborhood members to broaden community input. Collinson envisions a more structured program that will further connect the work of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council’s various committees, while strengthening the neighborhood council’s knowledge of and responsiveness to Highland Park community needs, and its relationship to Highland Park non-profit organizations and schools. 

Art, Science & Conversation on Climate Action

Saturday, August 20, 2022, 4-7pm


Last Chance to Support the Wildlife Ordinance - Deadline Aug. 22

Help Protect Your Urban Wildlife

To live in Los Angeles is to be part of a unique and vital experiment: the co-existence of a growing human population within the urban wildlands interface. Few other large American cities are home to such a diverse population of wildlife, which includes raccoons, bobcats, cougars, coyotes, deer, hawks and owls. Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife, Inc. (CLAW) is at the forefront of urban wildlife advocacy. Their mission is to promote, educate and protect the fundamental importance of wildlife, wildlife habitats, and wildlife corridors in Los Angeles and beyond.


Proposed Oil and Gas Drilling Ordinance

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Los Angeles City Planning (City Planning) announced the release of the proposed Oil and Gas Drilling Ordinance (Oil Ordinance) for public review and feedback. In response to City Council File No. 17-0447, the proposed Oil Ordinance would amend the Los Angeles Municipal Code to prohibit all new oil and gas drilling activities and make any existing extraction a nonconforming use in all zones of the City. 

The proposed Oil Ordinance would phase out these oil drilling activities, which are known hazards to public health and safety, by immediately banning new oil and gas extraction and requiring the removal of existing operations after an amortization period.

Stakeholders and interested parties will have an opportunity to comment on the proposed Oil Ordinance at a public hearing on August 30, 2022. As instructed by City Council, this proposed Oil Ordinance is anticipated to go before the City Planning Commission in Fall 2022 where a recommendation will be made to the City Council.

Please visit City Planning’s website to view the proposed Oil Ordinance and a Fact Sheet containing frequently asked questions. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for updates and/or provide feedback, please email

Apply to be a HHPNC Board Member

The City of LA is hiring Inclusive Engagement Advocates (multiple positions)

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EmpowerLA has multiple positions available for Inclusive Engagement Advocates to support Neighborhood Council awareness and participation in NC meetings, events, and elections! 


This is an as-needed position of up to 39 hours per week. The position is classified as Election Assistant IV. Learn more about the role and requirements and apply at

Job Opportunity with the City

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Legislative Report

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Learn about the latest motions and actions taken by the LA City Council in the Legislative Report by EmpowerLA Neighborhood Empowerment Advocate Lorenzo Briceño!


Read it now:

Back to School: 2022-2023

Looking for a Tap Card?

Student K-12 Tap Cards are available. Low Income Fare is available through Metro's LIFE program. College and University students can access Tap Cards through this link. For all fare information, and program details please visit 

8159e41d-1660-4be2-8ca5-3c3c81b2924e image

It's that time a year again! Get out the Pee-Chee folders, pencils, pens, and your Tap Card! Whether you and your child are new to Metro's transit system, or it's been a summer...we have some recommended next steps: 

Suggestions straight from Our Safety and Security Team

Tips for youth

  1. Know your route. Plan your route ahead of time and leave early so you’re not rushed. Have a backup route just in case there’s a delay with your first plan.
  2. Travel with a friend whenever possible. When you stay together on board the bus or train, safety is in numbers.
  3. Stay alert to what’s going on around you. Keep a look out for your stop. If you need to use your phone, look up from your screen often, and keep one earbud out so you can hear what’s going on around you, too. If you ever see someone acting in a way that makes you uncomfortable, move away. Sit closer to the bus/train operator or switch to another bus or train car. 
  4. Hold on to your stuff. Keep your phone, devices and any valuables in your bag. Be sure you take everything with you as you exit.
  5. See something? Say something. Know how to get help if you ever don’t feel safe. If there’s someone or something causing you to not feel safe, let us know and someone will respond right away.

Community Events
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Help the City Help Our Neighborhood
Use the MyLA311 app to report potholes, graffiti and street light problems! 

City information and services are just a few taps away. Use the app to quickly and easily request the City's most popular services, including graffiti removal, pothole repair, and bulky-item pickup. Other features include access to the City Services knowledge base, map of nearby City facilities, City Social Media feeds, and more.
Covid-19 Resources
The County of Los Angeles appreciates your continued partnership in responding to COVID-19 questions and needs of residents. For additional information, please visit:
List of public safety contacts:
  • General city services: 3-1-1
  • LA Dept of Mental Health (including mental health emergency): 800-854-7771
  • To assist with outreach services for people experiencing homelessness: LA HOP or 2-1-1
  • Center for Conflict Resolution: 818-705-1090
  • CA Coalition Against Sexual Assault: 661-327-1091
  • National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233
  • Parking enforcement (blocked driveway, parking violation, etc): 213-485-4184
  • Police non-emergency: 877-ASK-LAPD (877-275-5273)
  • Traffic control (signal light out): 213-485-4184
  • Dept. of Water & Power: 800-342-5397
  • Immediate life threatening emergency: 9-1-1

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