April 13, 2018
Important Community Safety Message
Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of the Washington Unified School District,

We want to inform you that school districts across California, including the WUSD, have randomly received emails referencing threats to schools. These email hoaxes seemed to have started on April 8, 2018. Similar messages were received by schools across the nation, causing several school districts to evacuate their facilities or put them on lockdown. 

The WUSD received one of these emails late last evening and immediately contacted our West Sacramento Police Department. Within 30 minutes, we received information from the Central California Intelligence Center that the email we received was NOT credible and tracked back to multiple random email hoaxes that other school districts are experiencing.

We are grateful for our West Sacramento Police Department’s quick response and that this was not a true threat against our schools.

Thank you for your support and partnership in our efforts in school safety.