Dear Beth El Family,

We hope this note finds you in health and peace. Please be advised that Beth El will remain closed to the public through Sunday, April 19. Accordingly, we have canceled all programs in the interim, including our sold-out Community Seder. 

Rest assured that Beth El will proudly continue our commitment to prayer, learning, and connection. Our leadership is putting the final touches on a robust schedule of digital content, and virtual gatherings - including a comprehensive collection of upcoming services, classes, and other opportunities to engage remotely - which will lift our spirits and guide us through the next month. 

We are each of us,  aravevim zeh b'zeh , deeply bound, one with the other. As the world responds to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Beth El community adapted to our new reality creatively and decisively, transforming the congregation into a virtual synagogue. Through the "Beyond the Walls" initiative, thousands of community members began learning, connecting, praying, and meditating virtually through our rapidly evolving digital community. Even as they shelter at home, our congregants continue to prioritize a vibrant Jewish life based on timeless Jewish values. 

Our Sages teach us that "all Jews are responsible one for the next." In that spirit, Beth El immediately expanded our on-going chesed initiative, Caring Calls. A team of 20+ volunteers has already contacted those community members who are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus, including all 220 households with congregants aged 85+. Our chesed team continues to monitor the needs of any families who might be in distress during this time and will immediately address any challenges that may arise. Should you know a family who requires assistance, please reach out to our staff, go to:

Along those lines, Beth El formed a Crisis Management Team whose invaluable expertise guides us through these uncertain times. We are incredibly grateful to the Beth El professionals who are working remotely and around the clock to ensure the continuity of our community.

Although our hearts are heavy in deciding to remain closed through April 19, we nevertheless maintain the Jewish value of  Tikvah  (hope). We look forward to celebrating, rejoicing, and growing in each other's physical presence very soon. 

Please continue to connect with us at .


Rabbi Steven Schwartz
Senior Rabbi
Rabbi Dana Saroken
Cantor Thom King
Dr. Edward Mishner
Joshua Bender
Executive Director