Getting Ready to Set Sail
CCMC announces the resignation of Taryn Garrod and Rosemary Crawford
For the past three and a half years, Taryn has served the Tortosa community as the Administrative Assistant and our Lifestyle Director. In her time with Tortosa, she has expanded business connections, developed new communication styles, and has formed bonded relationships with not only the residents in our community, but with City Officials and multiple entities within the City of Maricopa. Her passion for developing and being an active part of the community has engaged residents in Tortosa with each other and with the Maricopa Community.  Taryn’s creativity and positive drive for life has provided Tortosa new events, the gift of philanthropy and opportunities to know your neighbors and make Tortosa truly “Feel Like Home”.

Taryn's last day with CCMC will be March 31st.

Now, Taryn is off to follow her dreams of world travel. We are grateful to have had the opportunity of hosting Taryn’s talents, passion, creativity, sincere warmth and compassion for the Tortosa community and all our homeowners for the past three years. We wish Taryn the most adventurous travel and success in all her future endeavors.
Thank you Taryn!

We invite all residents to send a personal note of thanks to Taryn at
 Rosemary joined the Tortosa Team in October 2015 as the Administrative Assistant and was quickly promoted to Covenants Coordinator. Rosemary provided a continued dedication, professionalism, and sincere compassion to the Tortosa community and all homeowners. She presided over the Architectural and Covenants Committee, providing leadership, sound guidance, and support for the Board of Directors.  Rosemary assisted many of the community's contractors and homeowners by providing information, referrals and guidelines for new renovations and upgrades, encouraging enhancement within Tortosa. Rosemary’s dedication extended beyond her daily responsibilities to completing the Maricopa Leadership Academy, further connecting Tortosa with the City of Maricopa. 

Rosemary's last day with CCMC will be March 21st.

Rosemary has accepted a position with the Bureau of Land Management and is excited to be moving back to Idaho. A place she “Calls Home”.  We appreciate having the opportunity to have had Rosemary enhance Tortosa with impeccable service, dedication and kindness she has displayed daily.  Thank you Rosemary!

Please send Rosemary your best wishes and thanks to
Meet Christine Garcia 
Christine will be joining the Tortosa Team as our new Lifestyle Director. She has been promoted from one of our sister properties, Province. At Province, Christine worked as the Lifestyle Assistant and helped facilitate over 75 ticketed events in 2016. She is a Maricopa native, born and raised, witnessing the City of Maricopa's growth throughout her life. She believes in the importance of family and loves spending time with her husband, Joe, and two sons, Ayden and Michael. She is eager to learn about the Tortosa Community and wishes to continue creating a diverse social calendar with events for the whole family!

Join us in celebration
Friday, March 17 | 9-11 am
We encourage you to come by the HOA office as we host a farewell celebration for Rosemary. Stop by to wish her luck on her move to Idaho and enjoy refreshments. 

Friday, March 31 | 9-11 am
We welcome the community to stop by the office to meet our wonderful new Lifestyle Director, Christine, and wish Taryn good luck on her international journey. Refreshments will be served. 

Taryn and Rosemary would like to thank the community for all of the wonderful friendships and opportunities!
Community Inspection Reminders
If you have gotten the “Spring Spruce Up Bug” and  are planning to make some changes to your front yard landscape, add yard art, extend a driveway, please remember Architectural Changes need to be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval.  

The Community Manager along with the Covenants Coordinator complete inspections on a weekly basis.  If there are changes to your yardscape that are not either on file or approved, you will be receiving a courtesy notice to update your file and receive approval from the Architectural Committee and Board of Directors.  

Some examples:
Driveway extensions
Over-sized/excessive pots and yard art
Interior furniture on the front patio
No landscaping
Window coverings
Parking on the landscape
Tree stakes needing removal

All community documents, including guidelines and applications, can be found here on our website

As always, if  you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact the Tortosa Management Office at 520-423-9706
Tortosa Events Ahead
March 25 | 7 am - 1 pm
To register, contact Taryn by email or at 520-423-9706 with your address and any sale items you would like listed. Registration is due by March 21st at 5pm.
Big Brothers Big sisters will stop at    registered houses starting at 1 pm to pick up remaining items they may use. Items must be boxed and may not include: large electronics and animal/pet items. BBBS is not obligated to pick up all items.
April 8 | 11 am - 2 pm
Tortosa's 9th annual Easter event is just around the corner! You can sign up for wristbands, see activities, and find more information on our website.

Tortosa Egg Hunt >

We are in need of volunteers! We will start working on stuffing eggs very soon and will also need help the day of the event. Interested in getting involved? Email Taryn