Important Coronavirus (COVID-19)
To members of the WGASC & ADLA Community,

Both WGASC & ADLA are committed to the health and safety of our performers, volunteers, and staff members and we write to update you on the latest decisions made to address how we are responding to the escalating coronavirus (COVIS-19) situation.   We continue to follow guidance from the Center of Disease Control (CDC), state and local departments of health, and school districts to ensure a safe, healthy environment for our community. At this time, our events have not been cancelled, and will proceed as planned unless local or state health organizations state otherwise.  

To assist our staff, performers, and volunteers in complying with the CDC’s preventative measures,  we will be taking the necessary sanitary precautions to limit exposure to any viruses at all contests.  Wipes and gloves will be available at the site as needed, there will be a no handshake policy at awards, and precautionary measures will be taken between awards to sanitize facilities.

We have made a decision to cancel the Hawaii Invitational.  At this time, we do not want to require staff members to travel by air to work that contest.   

At this time, we are remaining in regular contact with our show hosts regarding the status of events, as school administrators make decisions about the closures of schools that may affect our contests.  We are preparing backup sites as needed, and we are already planning for the implications of the Coronovirus’ presence come April for our WGASC & ADLA Championships. We will continue to keep you updated on those changes to those events as they occur, changes are occurring rapidly as different organizations are responding.  Currently, there is no plan to cancel either guard or percussion championships. Other scholastic sporting organizations have not been cancelled to date, so we will keep a close eye on what those organizations have been instructed to do and assess our response at that time. If you have been given a restricted travel directive from your school’s administration, please contact the WGASC office so that we can assist you with your next steps for the season.  We understand that these things can unpredictably occur and we understand that it is out of your control.

We wish to thank our community for their continued support and understanding during these challenging times.