Hello Villa Families:
Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we continue to try to navigate the constantly changing circumstances of the challenges Villa is facing. Here is a brief update, and more information will follow again soon as we learn more…
As you have no doubt heard through the local news, Governor Ducey extended his school closure order for K-12 schools through the remainder of this school year. Please remember from our previous communication last week, that Villa’s Board has directed us that while the risks of infection and community spread are climbing exponentially in Arizona, we should also suspend the private school programs as long as the state’s K-12 schools are ordered to remain closed. We still believe this is the right thing to do as a member of the community, to do our part to help limit the impact of COVID-19. Therefore, ALL classrooms will remain suspended through the end of May at this time.
We are working with our banker on the government assistance provided through the expansion of the SBA 7(a) program. We are expecting to be able to apply for this Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) in the next few days. If we are successful with this application, we can then alter our plan with regard to asking Infant/Toddler/Primary/Kindergarten families to continue to cover a minority portion of the private program tuition to help keep staff employed. Please note that for teachers in the Primary program, only 1/3 of their compensation is covered by state funds, and for Infants/Toddlers, none of their compensation is covered by state funds – the rest is covered by private school tuition, therefore the Board’s decision to continue to charge a smaller portion of tuition became necessary in order to try to cover the full cost of both compensation for those employees plus the fixed costs of those programs.
Please know that we are having to adjust every family’s billing account manually, therefore we will not be charging anyone’s Tuition Express until all accounts have been adjusted, and after we have sent out revised statements for everyone’s review. We are planning to have all account adjustments done this week, with updated statements out to each family by the end of this week at the latest. We will then allow for a little time for your review and any questions to be addressed, and then we will charge Tuition Express later next week for any families who have balances remaining. We’ll keep you all posted as we work through this process, as it is laborious and needs to be accurate.
We cannot determine what will happen with May until we know more about the SBA program and if we are approved for a loan, but we plan to keep families informed as we work through the loan application process in April. Thank you in advance for your support and helping to keep the Villa community strong during these unprecedented times. We are grateful for all of you!
Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions, and please keep an eye out for more communication to come soon after the SBA application process is underway. Wishing you are all healthy and safe.
Jill Zimmerman
Chief Financial Officer
Villa Montessori School
2802 E. Meadowbrook Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016
602-399-3016 direct
602-955-2210 school office

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