Dear Villa Parents,

Let me begin by saying how much I appreciate the patience and understanding from our Villa families during this very difficult and unsettling time. After hours and hours of deliberation, here is the latest update from Villa’s Board and administration.

As you have no doubt heard on the news, Governor Ducey extended the mandated campus closures for K-12 students until at least April 10 th . You may also know that Governor Ducey and AzDHS have encouraged childcare providers to accept children on-site to accommodate families who need childcare. Villa has populations of both types of students (K-12 and private childcare), so we have been working diligently to determine the best course of action. 

Please understand that we are limited by the latest information available and continuously refer to and rely on guidance from government and health care leaders locally, nationally, and internationally. The situation remains fluid and our plans are based on our understanding of the current best available information. If new information becomes available, we may need to adapt. 

We have had inquiries from families regarding billing, given the limited operations due to COVID-19. Please know that we have been analyzing all of the financial information that impacts the school, our staff and our families, and we are wrestling with the significant implications this pandemic is having. Villa has over 130 employees, plus fixed costs such as bond and facilities expenses. And while the school is currently on solid financial footing, Villa – like all organizations – cannot absorb a significant, indefinite decline in revenues without undertaking modifications to expenses, including payroll, which is far and away Villa’s biggest expense category. In consideration of these competing factors, Villa’s Board of Directors has been meeting regularly over the past few weeks to evaluate a myriad of options in response to the pandemic. Given the current situation, the Board is guiding us as noted in the links below regarding refunds and charges pertaining to tuition and fees for both March and April.

Please read each item that pertains to your specific students thoroughly.

In closing, here are some wise words from the founder of Conscious Discipline, Dr. Becky Bailey:

Now more than ever, safety and active calming have become [critical] for families everywhere. Regardless of how many years we've been developing our own social emotional toolset, it's difficult to help a child co-regulate when we feel anxious ourselves!

It's important to remember:
·      Our calm increases children's calm.
·      You are the most important Safe Place for your child.
·      The brain requires safety and connection. Be intentional about cultivating both.
·      Create a "new normal” together using routines and play.
·      Provide helpful ways for children to contribute every day.
·      Consciously choose to see the best in others and circumstances.”

Let us all try to see the best in others and in our present circumstances. Thank you for your support of all in the Villa community. Take good care of yourselves.
Margo S. O’Neill, M.Ed.
Head of School
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