Important Course News

    Marcia and I first created The Studio in 2003 when the Course Programme was designed to reflect the the lives of the people who wished to attend at that time, with courses of a fixed six week term.
    Over the years we have continued to develop the course structure to accommodate the changes we have all had to make in our professional and domestic lives, with flexible working hours, longer annual holidays, perhaps  both partners working, and greater time commitment to our children's schooling. So now one need only attend a minimum of four sessions and can, if you wish, swap sessions to other courses with for more convenient times. Moreover,  payment m ay now be made by either cheque, cash, bank transfer or PayPal.
    We now offer five highly qualified and experienced teachers, an extensive, comprehensive, and developing programme teaching at multiple levels, and still with a maximum of just twelve in a class.
    Despite the increase in course fees in-line with inflation they have not reflected this underlying development in the Course Programme over the years. As a consequence, we have decided to remedy the situation and increase the price of all courses starting after 1st October this year from £84 to £90 per course (ie. £15 per session). We believe that this represents a reasonable price for the courses we provide and the quality of our facilities. 
    W e remain committed to teaching at the highest possible standard to provide effective, tangible and affordable benefits to all our clients.

Best wishes,
Graham and Marcia
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