The State of Connecticut opened up its Vaccine Administration Management System in the last 24 hours. If your practice had previously registered you should have received an email similar to the one shown below. You will be able to register employees eligible for the 1a category through this system. This may allow them access to schedule a vaccine if available at different sites. There is some early reporting that entering the information manually works quicker than uploading a spreadsheet.

We are also working closely with YNHH which has made a commitment to work with CMG's practices to provide vaccines for eligible employees. (CMG members who are part of any YNHH medical staff are already on a list at YNHH and will be called when their turn comes.) We are still coordinating the details for this process and we expect more to come hopefully next week. This will likely involve submitting employee rosters directly to YNHH.
YNHH is scheduled to send out a large number of invites this week covering a significant portion of the first half of the alphabet for their medical staff.
I wanted to make sure you were aware of all the options that are available. Unfortunately I cannot predict which options will be quicker as there is much uncertainty. I would recommend trying to avail yourself of the different possibilities. I expect more availability to open up consistently in the weeks ahead.

I will continue to provide any updates and would appreciate any feedback regarding issues or problems with any part of the process.