Important Covid-19 Updates - January 2022

Hi Everyone,

With the new CDC guidelines for quarantine with Covid, we are updating our policy as the schools have done. We are continuing to rely on all of you to ensure MHDC remains a safe place for all.

The following is how cases will be handled.

  • First and foremost if your child has any Covid symptoms please do not set them to the studio.

  • If your dancer has a positive case of Covid they may return to the studio after 5 day quarantine as long as the following is the case:
  • Your dancer has no symptoms
  • For days 6-10 your dancer must wear a well fitted mask at all times. They will not be allowed to remove their mask indoors. This includes eating or drinking. Any dancer needing a mask break during day 6-10 must step outside to remove the mask.
  • If you do not believe your child will be able to adhere to this please do not send them back to the studio until after day 10

  • For dancers that have a family member that has Covid the following will be how cases are handled:
  • If your dancer is vaccinated and does not have symptoms they will be allowed to attend dance with a well fitted mask that must remain on at all times.
  • If your dancer is unvaccinated please call the studio and discuss with Melissa for return guidelines as this is still evolving.  

The staff and I are going to continue to be diligent with ensuring masks are being worn properly and everyone remains safe. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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