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July 10, 2020
Dear OLMC Parents,

Good afternoon! Last week I announced that our final reopening plan for Our Lady of Mount Carmel School will be released to parents on July 24. As we continue to review the Indiana State Department of Health suggestions as well as the new diocesan guidelines, I would like to give you a brief overview of our preliminary thoughts on reopening school:

  • School Calendar: 
  • We will begin our school year with in-person classes on August 12 and follow the school calendar we established for the 2020-21 academic year. Our in-person classes will take place every day Monday through Friday. We plan on keeping all of our vacation days as previously scheduled.

  • Pre-screening: 
  • Both students and staff will sign an agreement that they will pre-screen for Covid-19 symptoms before coming to school each day.
  • Students who have a fever of 100 degrees or higher will be required to wait 72 hours before returning to school.

  • Social Distancing: 
  • We plan on maintaining social distance measures the best we can throughout the school day. Desks will be separated into rows, and students will be seated facing forward.   
  • We are reviewing our daily procedures and discerning ways we can lessen traffic flow inside and outside of school (ie. morning and afternoon carpool, during lunch and excess times, etc.)
  • Classes normally go to 8 am Mass on M, W, and F each week. In an attempt to socially distance the students, one-third of the classes will go to Mass on Monday, the other third will go on Wednesdays, and the last third will go to Mass on Fridays. Therefore, we will start off the year with students attending an 8 am Mass once a week instead of 3 times a week.

  • Limiting Transmission: 
  • Staff members will be trained to recognize the signs of Covid-19 before the 1st day of school.
  • We will be restricting the number of visitors and volunteers to our school. Any essential visitors (outside maintenance personnel, etc.) will be asked to wear a mask in the school building.   
  • Play areas for recess will be more spread out.
  • We will have a designated room separate from the nurse’s clinic where students with Covid-19 symptoms can be isolated while they wait to be picked up by their parents.
  • Extra time for hand-washing will be given to students throughout the day. Hand sanitizer will be available in all classrooms.
  • Student sharing of classroom materials will be limited as much as possible. If class items must be shared, they will be wiped down properly between uses.
  • High traffic and frequently touched areas will be diligently cleaned and disinfected each day.
  • There will be no field trips for 1st and 2nd quarters.
  • Students who are quarantined will receive excused absences.    

  • Masks: 
  • Students and staff will be required to have a mask at school with them each day. They will be required to wear them at times (ie. crowded areas in the hallway, waiting areas in the atrium, etc.), but will not be required to wear them during instructional time in the classroom. Any student or staff member that feels more comfortable wearing a mask consistently throughout the day is welcome to do so.

  • Lunch:
  • We will not have a lunch program (Campus Cuisine) for 1st and 2nd quarter. Students will need to bring their own lunch and beverage to school each day. No beverages will be available for purchase.
  • We will only have 4 parent volunteers to help with lunch each day. Their duties will include supervising lunch and cleaning/disinfecting tables before the next class arrives. These parent volunteers will wear a mask and gloves while assisting in the cafeteria.
  • Students will physically spread out more while they are eating lunch.

  • Water Bottles:
  • Every student will have to bring a refillable water bottle to school each day. There will be designated areas where students can refill their water bottles. 
  • These bottles need to be taken home each day for cleaning; glass water bottles cannot be brought to school.

At this time, OLMC School is not planning on offering an online option for learning at home. Our current plan centers around in-person classroom learning, which we strongly believe is the best and most effective way for students to learn. However, we will work with families that experience longer term school absences due to Covid-19 guidelines by offering online options. 

We also recognize that in order to assist OLMC students in their transition back to in-person learning, it would be most helpful for them to be able to come back into the school building and see their new classroom before the first day of school. We are planning to provide such an opportunity for your families sometime before August 12. More details will be forthcoming...

Lastly, I recommend that families take time during these summer days to build a Family Contingency Plan for child care. Honestly speaking, no one can foresee when parents might receive a phone call from the school informing them that their child/ren will need to be picked up from school and enter into a 2 week period of quarantine. Having a plan already set in place for such circumstances will reduce the amount of stress on a family. I hope and pray that our school families will be safe and healthy throughout the year, but no one can guarantee such fortune. In the end, we need to be reasonably prepared and then trust in God’s loving care for us. May we live in the hope that comes from Christ and rest securely under Our Lady’s mantle, who loves us more than we could ever know or imagine.

Wishing you continued blessings on your summer!

In His joy,
Sister Maria Benedicta, O.P.
School Calendar
13 Used Uniform Sale - 4-6pm Gym
15 Book Bill Payment or Full Day KG (full or half) Due
31 - Aug 2 Shoe Carnival 30% off sale (in-store sales only at Village Park Plaza Carmel)

9 Raider Roundup (details still being determined)
10 Kindergarten Parent Meeting 6:15 - 7pm PH
10 New Family Parent Meeting 7pm PH
11 Kindergarten Meet the Teacher (details still being determined for daytime event)
11 8th Grade Mandatory Retreat 2-6pm PH
12 First Day of School 7:45-3:05pm

**please keep in mind that the effects of the pandemic shifts rapidly which make planning for certain events challenging. All dates and times are subject to change. We will communicate details as soon as possible.

We need your help - Cleaning Party!
Week of July 13-17 - only 5 spots remaining!
As you all are aware, the workplace has become an ever changing environment, which lends itself to new challenges. One new challenge we are facing at the school is getting the building ready for reopening this August.  More specifically, assistance is needed to thoroughly clean the school building.  Unfortunately, our normal routine of summer cleaning has been disrupted by Covid-19, and our cleaning service company is currently struggling to hire back employees that have been out of work for months. The type of deep cleaning we are referring to here does not involve disinfecting; our cleaning crew disinfects the school each day after the office leaves for the evening. Rather, this deep cleaning includes duties that would align more with "spring cleaning": washing windows, doors/door frames, walls, etc. 

To overcome this new challenge, I'd like to invite our school families to join the cleaning party by signing up to clean a classroom and/or common area. 

As an incentive, I am offering each family (one per student) 1 of these 3 options:

1. Homework pass (one per student)- no penalty, no bad grade, no worries
2. Out of uniform for the day (one per student)- pick a non-Mass day and wear a school appropriate outfit! Purdue shirts are encouraged!! 
3. Front door carpool pickup one day (one per family)- skip afternoon carpool!

Book Bill or KFD Tuition Payment
Due July 15!
Families of Full-Day Kindergarten (KFD):

Families with children in KAM, KPM and grades 1-8:
  • Book Bills were mailed last week.
  • Book Bills are printed one per family so this will be included in the envelope with your youngest child's report card if they have an older sibling.
  • Payment for the first half (or full amount, if you choose) of the book bill is due by July 15, 2020.  
  • If payment has not been received by the due date, and no communication of hardship has been expressed to the business manager, then you will forfeit your child(ren's) spot(s) in the school for this school year.
  • If not paid in full, the second half payment will be due by November 30, 2020.
  • Kindergarten Vision Screening Form is due by first day of school.
Please make checks payable to OLMC. They can be delivered to the church office or mailed to:
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Attn: Book Fee or KFD tuition
14598 Oak Ridge Rd 
Carmel, IN 46032 
If you have a financial hardship that prevents you from paying these fees on time, please contact our business manager, Glen Ritchey, at  ritcheyg@olmc1.org  before the payment due date. Thank you.
Used Uniform Sale:
July 13 from 4-6 PM in the Gym   

Sister Maria Benedicta extended the grace period for the old logo through the 2020-2021 school year! Everyone in grades 3-8 will be required to wear the new PE Uniform.
What can I expect? 
  • Social Distancing Guidelines will be followed.
  • Masks will be required to enter.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be available.
  • A space for trying on clothes will not be available. If you plan to bring your children please be prepared to have them try on clothes over the clothes they are wearing.
  • Used School Uniforms for sale. Most items are just $5 each.
  • Limited Selection of used Spirit Wear.
  • Spirit Wear orders will only be available online.

*This is our first event as we start to re-open the school. Please be patient as we are required to follow the guidelines set forth by the IN-Department of Health.

Shoe Carnival Sale:
July 31 - Aug 2 30% off sale (in-store sales only)
Village Park Plaza
2009 E Greyhound Pass
Carmel, IN 46032

Make sure you tell them you belong to Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. This sale is for the whole family and any/all shoes your family needs - not just school shoes.
*Families of Rising 7th & 8th Graders:
The 2020-2021 Family Policy Guide has not been published yet but we wanted to make you aware of a change. The dress shoe requirement for 7th & 8th graders has been removed. All students in grades K-8 may wear an athletic shoe that is either all white or all black (including the sole). An all black dress shoe is still optional.

Tools for Schools
Tools for School:
Help Urgently Needed! Great Opportunity for Teens & Families!
The Merciful H.E.L.P. Center provides school supplies to many families in Hamilton County every July. The sign up genius has tabs at the top so you can pick the day you would like to help to search for openings. This is a great opportunity for OLMC & GCHS students to volunteer at!

Rest assured that protocols are in place so that this huge project will be done in the safest way possible with very little human contact and safe social distancing. All of our guests being helped will be staying in their vehicles. 

Sign up here:
Planning for Next Year (information from last week)

  • Family Contingency Plan: Just as OLMC School is now directing its focus on constructing our reopening plan, I highly recommend that every family take time during the summer to create their own Family Contingency Plan for child care. We anticipate that there is a possibility that your children will be out of school for more days than in past years due to the quarantine measures developed by the Indiana State Department of Health. Even if we faithfully follow the recommended guidelines as best we can, anyone could still become a close contact of a Covid-infected person or develop Covid-like symptoms. Such persons, regardless of age, will need to quarantine up to 14 days. OLMC School will do everything we can on our part to assist the children’s learning from home due to that quarantine, but I advise each family to have a plan set for child care during that time. I strongly believe that it is prudent to start this conversation about child care now so each family will be prepared to provide quarantine for any of their members if it becomes necessary during the school year.

  • School Supplies:  The supply lists are posted on the school website at the link below. Supply lists were finalized in February (pre-Covid19).

  • Cleaning supplies: We are anticipating an increased need for Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer (at least 60% isopropyl alcohol) and paper towels. Knowing that these items are still in short supply and only able to purchase limited quantities at a time, we are asking families to keep an eye out for these products and purchase as you can throughout the summer. We also anticipate the need for these supplies to be replenished throughout the school year. I have started to see these in stores but they disappear fast so first thing when stores open for the day seems to be the best time to buy.

  • Masks: We do not anticipate children wearing masks all day but there will be times throughout the day that masks may be required. Please make sure your child has at least 2 cloth masks (labeled with their name) to start the year. Masks can be any color/design as long as they are appropriate to the Catholic School environment.