Hello Yorklyn Families,

Congratulations on a great season so far. So many best swims and 2 victories within our division!
Here are some very important changes to our schedule:

-Due to schedule conflicts, the stoke clinic this week will be canceled. The coaches and I will do our best to work with you during practice times.

-I have had many of you let me know in advance of vacation and travel plans for the 4th of July holiday. Therefore, we will not hold practice on the 4th or 5th of July. Enjoy the break with family and friends.

-The season goes by so quickly and with families out for the holiday, I am asking that those who want to attend Time Trials, please have your choices for events written down and placed in the envelope at the Hive. Please pick your top three events and a 4th alternate, in case I can't get you in (relays included). Please have them to me by this Friday 6/29 so I can begin to sort those out.They are all due that Monday.
If I don't have your choice of events I will assume you are not swimming. You can not swim in championships if you do not swim Time Trials.

This weeks meet against Maple Valley is Wednesday 6/26. This is an away meet, so please be at the pool to check in with coaches at 5pm.

Thank you,
Coach Tom

Go YellowJackets!!