Reminder! November Deadlines Approaching!

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This email is a friendly reminder that our online merchandise store will be closing THIS MONDAY 11/2 to ensure delivery prior to the holidays. Please visit the link below to see these special holiday items.

Click here for our Online Store! Deadline 11/21
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In addition to the soon-to-expire link above, we have expanded our in-studio child sized gear. Please see the link below for new tops we will have in stock soon!

Click here for our new in-studio child size gear
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We'd also like to remind you all that we have some remaining in-studio gear for our younger students that is currently on clearance! Please check our Google Form below if interested in any of these for your dancer. No deadline on these, but know we may run out of certain sizes/styles quickly. New styles may be available soon!

Click here for our Clearance in-studio Gear
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There are only a few family photo sessions left for Black Friday! Be sure to reserve yours before they're gone! No other dates will be added.

Click here for Family Photo Session appointments

Our deadline for food donations is THIS SATURDAY, November 20. Please consider bringing a non-perishable item to dance by this date, and we will handle getting it where it needs to go! For each item brought in, MHDC will make a $1 donation to Dancers at Heart. So, a win-win for two organizations!! Please click below to learn more about End 68 Hours of Hunger.

Info on End 68 Hours of Hunger

Finally, a friendly reminder that MHDC will be CLOSED Wednesday, November 24 through Saturday, November 27 for Thanksgiving. We hope you all have a wonderful time!


MHDC Staff

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