Important Specifics Regarding Return to School Plans
Dear Serra Families,

Happy Halloween! Today, as part of our weekly communication and notification correspondence, we are focusing our attention on important details surrounding our return to school. The details outlined below cover part of the Pandemic Recovery Framework -- entrance, egress, and movement within the school. This information covers many different aspects of your son's activity throughout the school day. Please share this information with your son, as we hope it will prepare him for his return to campus.

On Monday, we will share the updates and expectations for the academic profile, the health screening, bell schedule, attendance, classroom expectations and more. 

Hours of Operation:
  • Monday-Friday 6:45 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
  • Students cannot arrive prior to their designated check-in time. Students are expected to leave campus immediately after they are dismissed, unless they have an activity on campus that begins within 60 minutes of their dismissal time.
  • The hybrid bell schedule is the same as the distance learning bell schedule, with first and fifth periods beginning at 8:15 a.m. and fourth and sixth periods end at 2:30 p.m.   
Homeroom Assignments:
  • This document includes all assignments for students based on his homeroom.  It includes:
    • Drop off and pick up locations
    • Restroom assignments
    • Flow of traffic in the building
    • Independent study locations
    • Break/lunch locations
  • Assignments by homeroom - HERE
  • Students must wear masks at all times when on campus unless specifically granted permission not to.
  • Masks cannot be shared. If a student forgets his mask, a disposable mask will be given to him.
  • Masks, face shields and other items must meet the Serra dress code. The masks must be plain, patterned or Serra-issued. These coverings must be appropriate. Therefore, any masks displaying any offensive or sexually suggestive language, or anything related to tobacco products, alcohol, or other illegal drugs, political ads or slogans, images or acronyms will not be permitted.  
Inclement Weather:
  • For safety reasons, windows and doors will be open to assist in air circulation. In the event of large scale fires or other issues that would force a shelter in place which would negatively impact proper ventilation, school will resume distance learning until the shelter in place has been lifted.
Student Drop Off:
  • For the safety of our students and school community, it is imperative that parents complete a preliminary screening each morning via Ruvna, which includes taking their child's temperature before he leaves for school. 
  • Students and parents must identify the student's assigned homeroom. Once the assigned homeroom is identified, please refer to the Drop Off Station Location Map to guide you to your drop off and pick up area.
  • Parents with more than one student, can have all students in the household arrive at school at one time, rather than multiple drop-offs.
  • Due to strict safety screenings upon student arrival, students may not be dropped off earlier than their designated time. We encourage students with an independent study period at the beginning of the school day (first or fifth) to arrive at school 15 minutes before his class begins. If he must arrive before the school day begins, he will go directly to the gym where he will stay until school begins at which time he will go to his assigned independent study period location.
  • Students being dropped off by Uber, Lyft or other similar services, must do this on the school side of 20th Avenue. Once the student is dropped off, he must walk to his designated check-in area.
  • Serra will use Ruvna to assist with pre-screening and contract tracing. 
  • This web-based tool will automatically send a questionnaire to parents and students every day that your son is scheduled to be on campus. You will be required to complete this questionnaire before your son arrives on campus. You will be able to access it through your phone or computer.
  • You will receive further instructions next week.
  • Note: Student athletes will continue to use Sportspeak before they attend conditioning workouts.
Student Pick Up:
  • Students will exit school through the door they were dropped off in the morning. Once the student exits the building, he should go directly to the vehicle that is waiting to pick him up. 
  • Students with an independent study period for the final period of the day (fourth or seventh) should leave campus upon completion of his final class unless he has an afterschool activity in campus that begins within 60 minutes of the school day ending. 
  • Students being picked up by Uber, Lyft or other similar services, must do this on the school side of 20th Avenue.  Therefore once the student leaves campus from his designated exit, he should walk to the loading zone on 20th where he can remain socially distanced until hise ride service arrives.
  • Students participating in on campus extracurricular activities that begin more than 60 minutes after the school day ends, must leave campus and return for their activity.
Travel and Socializing:
  • In the interest of health and safety, it is imperative that as a community, each individual and family abides by the travel restrictions and quarantine rules provided by our county. If students have engaged in high risk activities during travel -- such as attending large gatherings, sporting events, concerts, restaurant, airports, theatres -- you should engage in extra precautions for a 14-day period. 
  • Any student traveling out of town during the holidays or any other time for competition, family and college visit, etc. must engage in distance learning for two weeks after travel. The burden to provide a safe community for our Padre community and to remain open during the pandemic belongs to each individual and therefore we ask everyone to consider this when making their plans.
  • We encourage all school families and employees to diligently follow the CDC guidelines with regard to social distancing, mask wearing, and health and hygiene guidelines and restrictions on gatherings.
COVID-19 Testing for Faculty/Staff and Students:
  • The county has required that all faculty/staff members be tested for COVID-19 on a monthly basis. 
  • For the safety of the entire community, Serra is requesting that students planning to attend on-campus instruction be tested for COVID-19 prior to coming to campus.  Upper division students should have completed testing with confirmed results no later than Friday, November 6. Please note that testing turnaround times range from two to three days. 
  • Serra is recommending every student be tested once a month.
  • Options for COVID-19 testing:
    • San Mateo is offering free testing for all school-age children Tuesday through Saturday.  
    • Through your healthcare provider or other testing service provided near you.
Contact Tracing:
  • Students must follow school procedures as it is imperative to timely and accurate contact tracing, for this reason all independent study period locations will be assigned, as will seating charts. Restrooms, lunch lines and break/lunch areas will also be assigned. These assignments will provide the proper space for social distancing as well as facilitating contact tracing when it is necessary.
Covid Reporting:
  • Families must notify the school immediately if they have a student who is a confirmed or suspected case or is a confirmed contact, defined as follows:
    • If the student has tested positive for COVID-19
    • If the student is being tested for COVID-19 due to his symptoms
    • If the students is prompted to get tested as a result of his Ruvna screening
    • If the student is identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (within six feet for 15 minutes, regardless of face coverings)
Please notify Serra immediately by emailing Upon receipt of this information, you will receive a call from Mr. McGrath or Mrs. Ortiz, who will work directly with the San Mateo County Health Department.

Padre Core Days:
  • At this time, Padre Core Days have not been approved to move to a live setting. Therefore, we will be revamping the Padre Core Day structure to remain virtual for the remainder of the year. That schedule will be available in December.

Charlie McGrath

Serra High School | 650.345.8207 |