JUNE 15, 2020
Under our by-laws, the annual EDGE Board nomination process is this month, starting with our open application period. If YOU are interested in applying to become a board member, here are some FAQs:

Q: Am I eligible to apply for the EDGE Board?
A: If you are a current EBDA member in good standing, you are eligible!

Q: What would be expected of me as an EDGE Board member?
A: Board responsibilities are described in our Oath of Office ( click here ). In terms of time commitment, the main obligations include monthly board meetings, service on one of our EBDA committees (which meet monthly), and EBDA ambassadorship.

Q: Am I qualified to be an EDGE Board member?
A: The Board Nominating Committee will consider applications from all eligible candidates, and will be looking for level of past and present participation in the EBDA (including committees, events, etc.), specific interest in serving on the board, and background experience lending well to board service.

Q: How do I apply to be considered for the Board?
A: Please fill out the board application ( click here ), and then email it back to us at info@edgedistrict.org before 4 pm on Tuesday, June 30, 2020. That's it!

Q: What happens after that?
A: The Board Nominating Committee will meet in early July to review the applications, and then decide the final slate of nominations to place on the board election ballot. Those selected for the ballot will be notified. Then the board election ballot will be sent out to all current EBDA members for voting in late July. Election winners will be announced at the EBDA Annual Meeting in September.
The City of St. Petersburg is opening its third round of funding for the Fighting Chance Fund next Tuesday, June 23.

The fund was created as an emergency grant for small businesses and individuals negatively impacted by COVID-19.
Applications for the current phase – Round Two – of the fund will be accepted until TOMORROW (Tuesday, June 16). Thereafter, the fund will no longer be available for individuals. 

Small businesses not approved for funding under the previous rounds may apply for the third round provided they qualify under the expanded criteria. A new application form must be filled out, available starting 6/23 at http://www.stpete.org/assistance/fighting_chance_fund.php. Eligibility will include:

• Brick & Mortar small businesses that are independently owned and operated with 50 or fewer employees;

• Brick & Mortar independently owned franchise-affiliated small businesses with 50 or fewer employees, if the affiliated franchisor has 300 or fewer outlets throughout the country, and if the business's state registration has a "Principal Address" based within Pinellas County;

• Home Based businesses with at least $17,000 in annual gross revenue from business operations and established in St. Petersburg for at least 12 months.

Grant Awards : Brick & Mortar businesses in either of the two categories above will be eligible for a grant award of $4000. Home Based businesses will be eligible for a grant award of $2000.

We are happy to report that our new and improved district banners will be installed this week!

The banners have been one of our ongoing district improvement projects. We were thrilled to get banners installed last year, via City RFP and funded by community redevelopment funds. Unfortunately, however, those banners were not manufactured to the quality ordered, and they began to deteriorate quickly. So we worked with the City to have them replaced with new ones of higher quality and color. We are hopeful that these will last a good long while to celebrate our district and welcome our visitors!
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