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CMS has just released an important new resource: All Cause Harm Prevention in Nursing Homes Change Package.

This package is a compendium of successful practices of high-performing nursing homes, illustrating how they prevent harm while honoring each resident’s rights and preferences.
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January 24, 2019, 3-4 pm ET

Please check out the Change Package, and join us for a special event to hear more from the developers and the homes that inspired the work, as well as get tips to begin implementing ideas.
Did you know...
• An estimated 33 percent of Medicare beneficiaries experienced temporary harm and/or adverse events during their Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) stays.
• Physician reviewers determined that 59 percent of these adverse events and temporary harm events were clearly or likely preventable.
Medication Tracking Tool: Data Entry ENDS 1/28/2019
Website data entry for the Medication (Antipsychotic) Tracking Tool will be discontinued on 1/28/2019. Don't worry: You will still have access to your trend graphs and data tables. See below.
New Goal: Dementia Care & Psychotropic Medication Tracking
The Dementia Care & Psychotropic Medication Goal is replacing the Medication (Antipsychotic) goal. The new Tracking Tool , to be released mid-January, f eatures an enhanced user-interface, supports and prompts individualized care and documentation of key processes, and includes charts and graphs to help identify opportunities to drive improvement. The new workbook will have a feature to automatically import data from your Medication Tracking Tool.
Time for a new Staff Stability Tracking Tool?
New instructions (with video)  demonstrate how to move your data from the past year into a new workbook. Remember, you can start tracking at any time: the workbook will last for 12 months.
Hospitalizations: Start using the 2019 Tracking Tool in January
Download your 2019 version of the Hospitalizations Tracking Tool in the first week of January.

IMPORTANT: Use the 2019 workbook for all events that occur in 2019. If you used the 2018 Hospitalizations Tracking Tool, you will need to "push" some of your 2019 information to your 2018 Tool to complete calculations. GREAT NEWS: This year, no copying and pasting! We've included an automatic feature to do the work for you. Full instructions will be posted with the 2019 Tracking Tool during the first week of January on the Hospitalizations Tracking Tool Page
CMS, the CDC, and the Quality Innovation Network Quality Improvement Organizations encourage nursing homes to continue to track and report C. difficile data to NHSN. These data inform national work on patient safety and are valuable for individual nursing home quality improvement projects, including C. difficile prevention and antibiotic stewardship.

Our HelpDesk Team is here for you! We provide support with everything from project design, collecting and interpreting data and locating the resources you need. We'd love to hear how your project is going -- challenges and successes.
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