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It's A New Year, Take A Fresh Look

It's a new year, it's time to take a fresh look at the exterior of your property and the surrounding grounds. Now is the time to make sure your property is safe as well as attractive to keep current tenants happy, as well as attract potential new residents. When assessing your property, it's important to make notes of what needs are immediate, what will need replacement in 1-5 years, and what needs are 5+ years away.
Below are some of the items you should include in your exterior property assessment. If you need help assessing your needs and timeline, please feel free to reach out to Fence & Deck Connection for assistance.
Important Exterior Property Assessments

Take a look at your property fencing. As structures that are always exposed to the elements, fences of all types are susceptible to damage. If your fence has been damaged, assess the extent of the damage to determine if repair or replacement is the most cost-effective option. Considering the purpose your fencing provides will also help you determine the urgency for repair or replacement.

When in doubt, call a professional to assess your fence.

Site Railing/Handrails
Guardrails, handrails and stair rails often serve more than one safety function. In addition to providing a hand grip to prevent falls, the rail may provide a barrier between a tenant and an unsafe area. If the rail is missing or broken, the tenant may be exposed to serious harm, and the property owner my be liable. To protect the property from any issues, make sure all handrails and guardrails are installed where needed.  Be sure that all broken handrails are repaired or replaced, and they are installed at the proper height. 

Balcony Railing
You should regularly check your balcony railing for safety, looking for early warning signs that a railing is about to become unsafe. Missing pickets, wobbly railing, corroded connections, ugly rust stains that drip over the concrete balcony, cracked, broken concrete and corroded railing posts indicate that it might be time for a railing replacement.

Even if a railing system meets code requirements, it may still fall prey to the ravages of time, weather, poor design, or faulty construction. Balcony railing failures are not only an eyesore, they are a dangerous liability. Railings over 15 years old are likely in need of repair or replacement immediately before the situation becomes a life safety issue.

Pool Fence & Gate
It's imperative to have a safety barrier around your pool. Damage to this barrier/fence poses drowning risk and/or serious injury for your tenants because its condition could allow it to be more easily breached. If the pool fence or gate is damaged, you must repair it immediately. Lack of compliance also exposes the property to heightened liability and possible fines from county inspectors.
Having trouble with unwanted visitors in the pool? Perhaps it's time to replace the current fence with a taller solution that includes anti-climb security features.

Dumpster Enclosures
Besides aesthetics and keeping your property looking clean and tidy, the purpose of the dumpster enclosure is to keep pests and vandals out while keeping the trash inside the dumpster. However, enclosure walls are sometimes damaged by vehicles maneuvering through the parking lot or even when the dumpsters are being hauled in or out of the enclosure. Also, when dumpsters are being emptied, they can often be pushed back into the enclosure or slammed against the sides. These types of accidents can cause damage and will need to be repaired.  If the damage is extensive, replacement might be needed.

Also, dumpster enclosures often require large gates which are more susceptible to wind damage. Enclosure gates are often made of heavy materials which place great strain on the hinges. L ook at the hinges and the material used on the gates. If wood, check for rot or missing panels.

Dog Parks
Dog parks are a great asset to have on your property as long as they are maintained with the safety of the dogs, the users and the other tenants in mind. Ensure that your dog park fencing is not made of materials on which a dog could chew, choke, or be poisoned. Fencing for dog parks also needs to be secure and intact, again, to prevent dogs from chewing on the fence and to prevent them from being poked by fence parts. Vinyl-coated or chain linked fencing for dog parks are the ideal materials.

To prevent smaller dogs from being stampeded or otherwise injured during play, your dog park should include an adjoining, but separate, fenced area for smaller dogs. Some larger dogs do not interact well with small dogs, and many small dogs are afraid of or more aggressive with larger dogs.

After evaluating the safety of the dog park fencing, ensure that your dog park fencing is escape-proof. This really goes hand in hand with safety.  Fencing for dog parks must be high enough so that the average large dog won't be able to jump over the fence.  Fencing for dog parks also needs to be planted deep enough in the ground so that dogs cannot dig underneath the fence.

Depending on the type of damage to your pavilion, your timeline will be dependent on whether the damage is structural or more cosmetic. Check the roof and support beams for cracks and other damage from the elements. Look for loose or missing railing, pickets and floor boards. Make note of  damage due to vandals. 

Access Control
Many commercial properties use gates and access control to ensure the safety of their property and tenants.  If the gate or access control have been damaged, it's not only unsightly, it becomes a security issue. Repair or replacement should be addressed rather quickly. You can also use this opportunity to reassess your security needs and consider new options that have been made available by new technology.

If You Need Help Assessing Your Property's Needs, Please Feel Free to Reach Out to Fence & Deck Connection for Assistance. We specialize in the following services:
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  • Dog Parks

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