Attention Parents,

Please read the following documents for important information regarding how our lunch program Pomptonian handles allergies and why pre-ordering may be the way to go for your child if they have allergies.


If you have not registered to receive notifications via phone, text or email for district emergencies, delayed openings, early dismissals or school closings please do so at the link below:

The Summit School District has created an account for all parents that contains one phone number. To continue receiving notifications for things like school closings, you must complete the registration process by accessing this account and completing your profile. 

This will ensure you are informed for ALL schedule changes within the school district and will provide you peace of mind when you need it most. 

Links to additional information regarding registration and FAQ are below:

Our membership drive is a major source of funding for the school year. The membership drive funds our directory and supports key initiatives including cultural assemblies, the Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Event, Family Movie Night, Field Trips & more. The more successful our membership drive is, the less we will need to ask for funds throughout the school year. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Welcome Letter & PTO Membership Form

Welcome Letter & PTO Membership Form - Spanish


(Happy first day of school!)