Uptick in fraud using various methods. 

We (and many other industries) are seeing a considerable uptick in fraud in various methods. Please always remember that Solutions Bank would NEVER ask for identifying information such as Social Security Number, full Debit Card Information, account numbers, etc., over the phone. We have this information, so we would not need to ask. 

We have had several customers call in recent days stating that they had been called by someone impersonating our Debit Card Fraud Department. If our Debit Card Fraud Department calls, they do not ask for the information stated above - they also have it. They will ask you if you completed a recently attempted transaction with the dollar amount and merchant name only. If anyone calls asking for card info, CV2 information, or expiration date, NEVER give it out and hang up and contact us. 

If your is card lost and/or stolen, please let us know if other items were stolen such as drivers license, checks, etc. This information can be helpful for us to know to keep your funds safe. 

We are here to protect our customers as much as possible, so please don’t be hesitant to ask the questions!

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