• Testing submissions for Quarter 1 (January through March) were due on April 10th. If you have not yet submitted your testing data, please send it to testing@gluten.org

GFCO is officially announcing the availability of a French-English bilingual version of the global certification mark: 

Important points about this new release 
  • All clients continuing to use the previous bilingual mark must switch to this new mark by April 30, 2024. 
  • Instructions for using the new bilingual mark can be found in the update to our Branding Standard (rev. 4.6), which is available for download at www.gfco.org/certification
  • The new mark is currently only available for use with the TM or TM/MC trademark designation. 
  • Clients who are selling product in Quebec, Canada with the English-only mark should move over to this new bilingual mark as soon as possible. 
  • Contact gfco.branding@gluten.org to request copies of the new bilingual logo files. 
  • Submit all packaging, advertising and website updates to gfco.branding@gluten.org for review prior to printing or display. 
  • March 31 was the deadline for transitioning all packaging, advertising and websites using the old GFCO logo over to the new global certification mark. This date applies to the changeover at your packaging operations. If you are in need of an extension, please contact gfco.branding@gluten.org

  • REMINDER: Please remember that the individual or company submitting Product & Ingredient updates to GFCO is responsible for ensuring that the plant or co-manufacturer on each list is aware of all relevant ingredient risk factors. At a minimum, the manufacturing location must be made aware of all ingredients with a risk level of 3 or 4, which carry mandatory testing requirements. For confidentiality reasons, GFCO only returns reviewed P&I lists to the person who submitted the list.
  • UPDATE: At the beginning of 2022, GFCO announced that all products on a GFCO certificate must appear on our public certified product directory. On further review, we will be confining this requirement to Retail products. Clients will still have the ability to opt out of this public directory for Products that are only provided to Industry, including those sold for further manufacturing, transferred between plants as work-in-progress, or otherwise sold business-to-business. Please check your current certificate to ensure that all of your Products are correctly classified as Retail or Industrial, and submit any needed updates to your client service representative, or to gfco.clientsupport@gluten.org

The 2022 Food Safety Summit is taking place at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont Illinois from May 9th – 12th. The Food Safety Summit is a solution-based conference and expo designed to meet the educational and informational needs of the entire food industry. The Gluten Intolerance Group is excited to be able to attend in person this year, and to exhibit in booth 326 – please stop by and see us! 

The Gluten Intolerance Group has two exciting events coming up this Summer and we invite you to GET INVOLVED: 
TEEN SUMMIT 2022 will be at the

This once in a lifetime event will give gluten-free teens to opportunity to learn how to cook from the pros at CIA!   
– ONLY $1000 

With your sponsorship, you will: 
  • change a child’s life (photos and story of their experience will be provided to you) 
  • be thanked and tagged as a sponsor in all social media surrounding the event  
  • be invited to provide product/coupons/literature in participant gift bags.  
*additional sponsorship opportunities available. Email gig.marketing@gluten.org for more information. 
The 1st Annual “A NIGHT TO CARE” GALA will take place August 27th in Tacoma, WA.  
GIG Cares and Gluten Intolerance Group are pleased to present "A Night to Care: an evening gala to raise funds to help tackle food insecurity in the gluten-free community." A 4-Course Dinner will be served followed by a Dessert Auction. Don’t miss our Silent and Live Auction with exclusive on-site and online offerings. 
Consider donating a gift/gift basket for the auction or reserving a table. 

Interested? Drop an email to caresadmin@gigcares.org or watch for more information in future newsletters.  
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