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More Troublesome California Laws on the Horizon for California Employers

By: Robin E. Largent, 
Partner, Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger, LLP
Curious what the California Legislature is cooking up for employers in the Golden State this year?  I can tell you it isn't pretty.  Here's a list of notable bills (almost all of which are unfavorable for employers) that have been introduced and are pending: AB 2841 (Paid Sick Leave Expansion):  This bill would expand the current paid sick leave law by requiring employers to provide more paid sick leave to employees.  Under current law, employers must allow employees to accrue at least one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked (but may limit an employee's use of sick leave to 3 days/24 hours per year) and may impose a carryover accrual cap...    

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ETP: Training funds available from the State of California 
By Mike Snead, President of Sierra Consulting Services
Each year, a State of California agency called the Employment Training Panel or "ETP," awards up to $100 million dollars to California-based companies to reimburse costs of job skills training.  In July, this amount will grow to $110 million.  ETP was created in 1982 to help California-based companies, who face out-of-state competition, train their employees in a range of skills and receive reimbursement from the state.  For companies who receive ETP training dollars, the opportunity is to deliver effective employer-customized training that increases the skills of their workforce which results in making the company more competitive.
What's in the Water Around Here?

By: Helen Horyza,  President, Elevate, Inc. 
About a month ago, Tom returned to work at a mid-sized engineering firm after a five-year period of retirement. He was bored and missed the challenges of work. He came back on a Tuesday and a management meeting was underway. He expected things to run the way they did when he left, however he was pleasantly surprised. Tom stepped into the boardroom and was warmly welcomed.
One of the new employees in fleet management was making a presentation. He was well prepared and articulate. The interaction between the stakeholders was intense. Finance stated their concerns, engineering design weighed in and materials management contributed. Something struck Tom as weird. They were working together. Engineering and operations were not undermining or competing with each other. In fact, they were offering innovative perspectives, giving up on their own ideas to get to the best solution. "What is in the water around here?" he wondered.