Last year we wrote about the ban on asking applicants about their salary history ( AB 168 ) prior to employment. This CA law was based, in part, on the belief that pay based exclusively on prior wages can be risky as it further perpetuates wage disparity, even if motivated by a non-discriminatory business purpose. At that time and throughout 2018 we had several questions from our clients regarding this law. 
The good news is that now we have clarification from the CA Legislature.  Assembly Bill 2282 defines and clarifies the terms “pay scale,” “reasonable request” and “applicant,” and specifies that an employer is not prohibited from asking an applicant for employment about salary expectations for the position being interviewed. 
The bill clarifies that a pay scale (a salary or hourly range) need only be provided by the employer after a reasonable request (after an applicant has completed the initial interview with the employer) and isn’t required to be posted in the job posting or made available prior to the first interview.