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Don't Even Think About It.... Asking About Salary History That Is!
Stacey Sommerhauser, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP
The state of California continues to pass legislation that protects individuals' pay and more so, how an employer determines employees' pay. Employers must be
uber cautious in making job offers and subsequent salary changes for employees. A little background for you here.   Click here to read more.  
How Do You Measure Up?

Being an employer in the great state of California has its challenges.  Part of our mission is to keep our clients out of court and spending their energy creating more business.  We offer a full onsite HR Practices Review, but for those of you with the need for a "quick and dirty" look at the essentials, here are some of the items we review  via our 2018 California Employer Self-Assessment.  Click here for our worksheet.
An Easy Check to Save  
a Lot of Cash 

A "big ticket" item for many well-intended California employers is a wage statement (aka "the pay stub") that does not include the required information for the employee. In many cases,  the employer trusts that the payroll provider has included the essential information on the wage statement, only to learn from the Labor Commissioner, or worse yet a plaintiff's attorney, that one or two items (e.g., the overtime rate) are not listed correctly.  Here are two links to the required items the CA Dept of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) requires for employees.  By the way, the Paid Sick Leave hours available and those used must also be included on this statement, although the DLSE has not added that to their list yet.  Check it out here. And if you have piece rate employees, there's even more here.
HR Insights: 6 Benefits 
of Implementing an  
Technology Solution
By Telly Tasakos
There is no shortage of HR technology available in the market to streamline HR functions.  HR Professionals might use as many as 10 different software programs in their day to day work.  From recruitment software, job boards, benefits software, timekeeping systems, payroll, training, performance review, on-boarding...the list goes on.  All of this technology is great; however, separate tools for each different function that falls within the HUGE umbrella called "Human Resources" can be simply inefficient, error prone and confusing!
Click here   to
Beyond Goal-Setting: Make 2018 the Best Year of Your Career
If you do not know what you want, you are unlikely to get what you want.
In January, McLaren Coaching is offering a workshop that will help you decide what you want from 2018.
Success is the result of committed action.
In this workshop, you will clearly determine what you want from 2018 and you will learn what it takes to get what you want.
When you truly commit to a "goal," it becomes a "result" by the end of the year.
This is the difference between a "New Year's Resolution" and a "declaration," "decision" or "outcome."
It is the difference between a hope and an intention
 You will leave this workshop with:
·       Clearly-articulated outcomes for your coming year
·       A practical plan to obtain your outcomes
·       A system to stay committed to your outcomes
·       A tool for creating future outcomes
January 16 (Tuesday)
9am - 12pm
January 27 (Saturday)
9am - 12pm
Registration starts at 8:30am
Held at Sierra 2 in Curtis Park, Sacramento
$140/person for 2 or more from same company
Register now and create the year you want.