Still great locations available but BALCONY CHOICES THINNING DOWN FAST.  
Check out remaining cabins on the link below and get your friends onboard!  
Several categories are already sold out!!!  
Our Two 2019 HSR Host Hotels!
Tampa Downtown Embassy Suites & Tampa Downtown Marriott Waterside

We've just finalized our block space at our recommended hotels.  For 2019, we have consolidated our group to 2 "Host" hotels with more rooms available at each for our block space.  They are just across the street from each other.  This keeps everyone very close together.  Tampa Downtown Embassy Suites and Tampa Downtown Marriott Waterside.  Both were used last cruise and both are great hotels.  Rates are now posted on our website "Travelin Ways/Hotels Page" but due to both companies policies, you can  NOT reserve util 1 year prior to sail date.  NOTE:   Due to people holding a half dozen rooms for their friends in hopes they will be coming, then dropping the rooms close to sail date and leaving our passengers to book somewhere else far away or not get a room at all there will be a non-refundable 1 day deposit on each room reserved at both hotels.  We'll be reminding you 2 weeks before they open up for reservations.   For those unfamiliar with our High Seas Rally hotel opening announcements... Last cruise they sold out in 2 days! 

Tampa Waterside Area Renovations:  We didn't think they needed it but their getting ready for us in 2019!  Or maybe it's because the Super Bowl is coming in 2020???  3 BILLION is being spent in downtown renovations surrounding our recommended hotels.  Plus $50 million in renovations to our host hotels.  All to be complete before our sail date and Royal Caribbean is also sprucing up our ship "The Brilliance of the Seas" with $10 million in refurbishment this year. 

We also hope to have an announcement soon for Tampa Harley Davidson  dealership to supply rentals and more.
Virgin Bounty CASH!
Speaking of getting your friends onboard... Win more CASH for bringing them!  Just a reminder to past and 1st time registered passengers...getting a new 1st time HSR cruiser to book a cabin gets you 1 ticket in the 1st night Virgin Bounty drawing for $2,000 CASH!  Once a 1st time passenger books a cabin, they can also get in the drawing by recruiting a 1st timer cruiser to also book a cabin.  That's 1 ticket in the drawing for each cabin that gets booked.  Great odds and a great way to start your week!  

Reminder, that all new Virgins that book a cabin MUST let us know WITHIN 30 DAYS from the date of their reservation of the name of the HSR passenger that referred them either by putting it on the comments section of their reservation online or by calling or emailing us here at the office (540-942-8791 or info@highseasrally.com).
Early Bird Drawing!
How about some more  CASH!  WIN the PRICE OF YOUR CABIN IN CASH up to $5,000 the 1st night of the cruise!!!  Simply by paying your cabin off at registration or before the next scheduled payment date of February 1, 2019 and you will be entered into the Early Bird Drawing. You're gonna pay for your cabin anyway...so why not get in the drawing???  You still have more than 5 months to pay off to get in the drawing!  Make your payments online at our pay online link below or just call us with your credit card #.  GREAT ODDS! Great way to start the cruise with a pocket full of  CASH Drawing is the 1st night of the cruise.

Adults Only Cruise - No Kids!

So many of you are so excited that this is a Private Full Ship Charter with  NO KIDS onboard!  That's right...only Adults!  So its time to let your hair down and have the time of your life with all your new biker friends that you are about to meet from all over the world!!!
Don't Forget Your Travel Insurance!

The cruise is 15 months away and things do happen.  We generally have aging parents, kids and we're not "couch potatoes."  Also, a small "boo-boo" during the cruise or on shore can cause a visit to the ships infirmary which charges emergency rates.  The travel insurance can cover your entire trip.  From airfare, hotel, cruise, & medical...so worst case you can't make the cruise...it will reimburse you for the entire trip cost.  This cruise is the 1st week of December and the weather could play a factor in you making the cruise if you live in a cold climate too. Just do yourself a favor and at least check it out.  If you do add the insurance, please tell them you're with the High Seas Rally and let us know by phone or email if you purchase it so we can communicate with the insurance company quickly if you do have a claim.

Drink Packages & Excursions

Of course we'll have them but this far out from cruise date Royal Caribbean won't negotiate prices until 1 year from sail date.  Don't worry, we'll remind you when they are finalized.  Same with our onshore party locations, etc.