August 11, 2020
This email contains the following information:
1. First Day of School Information
2. Forms to be signed and turned in this week  
3. Pictures for Student ID cards and yearbook  
4. Update on masks  
5. Update on lockers 

Although you have chosen full-time virtual status for your student(s), we strongly urge you to consider sending your student(s) to campus for their assigned class day this week (August 12-14). This option was offered in our August 5 letter, and we wanted to re-state that again for your consideration. Classrooms will range in size from one student to 16 students, all socially distanced. Temperatures will be taken before anyone enters the building. All safety protocols will be enforced across campus. We are doing our best to make this a very safe experience for all involved. You do not need to tell us if your student will attend in person - please just send them to school. There will be a virtual option, but facets of the day will be missing because your student is not in person. This first day of school includes:
  • Opportunity to meet faculty in person  
  • Syllabus review
  • First Advisory meeting
  • Distribution of any textbooks that were not included in your e-bookshelf
  • Yearbook Pictures (will be the student ID photo for the year)  
  • Explanation and demonstration of all safety protocols 
  • Lunch protocols
  • Collection of all important forms
Remember to send these forms with your student when he/she comes to school on either Wednesday or Thursday or Friday this week.  They will drop off signed papers in the bin with the letter of their last name. If your student does not come to school, you MUST mail your completed forms by tomorrow.   

Students from ALL GRADES 9-12 who are present on campus for school on 8/12, 8/13, or 8/14 will report to the back gym during their school day lunch this week for their student ID/yearbook picture.

We would like to update our MASK REQUIREMENTS based on recent information through consultation with medical personnel and inquiring about mask practice at local hospitals.  Students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the SPX campus may not wear masks with valves.  Students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the SPX campus will be given a disposable mask to wear in place of the valve mask.  We will update the current mask policy to add: No masks with valves.

Facemasks: Students will be required to wear masks at all times during the school day upon entry into the building, except while actively eating lunch.  Students will be issued 1 washable, reusable mask (white) on their first day of school.  If a student loses or forgets to bring a mask for the school day, he/she will be given a disposable mask to use for the day.
Masks can be store-bought or homemade and must be secured to the face while covering the nose and mouth completely.  Parameters fall in line with our current handbook requirements for out of uniform days.
  • Can be SPX specific, collegiate names & logos
  • Can be patterned or solids
  • No bandanas tied around the head where the bottom of the bandana is not secured around the chin to cover mouth (like a bandit)
  • No neck gaiters (regular or fleece)
  • No faces on masks (mouths, lips, tongues, face caricatures, etc.)
  • No words, acronyms, phrases: political, collegiate battle-cries, pop culture, current events
  • No drug or alcohol references
  • No valves

As we begin the school year, I want to address lockers and their use for the foreseeable future. Every student has been issued a locker.  Your locker number and the combination can be found in PowerSchool (not PSL) under the About Me tab.  You are very welcome to use your locker, but access will be restricted during the school day.  We are restricting access so that we can keep the hallways moving freely during class change time, as well as eliminate students being in the halls during class time.
  • You may visit your locker quickly at the beginning of the school day if you need to store materials that you cannot keep with you for the day.
  • If you are bringing your lunch, and need to keep it in your locker, you may stop at your locker to collect your lunch and then report immediately to the cafeteria.  You will keep your lunchbox with you for the rest of the day at that point.
  • You may visit your locker quickly at the end of the school day.
  • We are asking that you take home all contents, leaving an empty locker, at the end of the school day in case we have to resort to full-time virtual learning at home.
  • If we have to return to full-time virtual learning at home, students will not be allowed access to their locker for any items (including books or notebooks) until school opens again for in-person learning.
  • PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME IN your books, your bags, your lunchboxes, clothes, computers, etc.  We want to be able to return things to you if they get left behind during the day.
We are asking that you please consider not bringing locker decorations or accessories at this time.  While decorations and accessories are not forbidden by any means, you won't be able to come in to get anything (including books or notebooks) should we end up having to vacate the school at any point during the school year.
St. Pius X Catholic High School
2674 Johnson Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30345