September 25, 2019
An Important Message from ELC Staff - IT Security
Dear Provider,

It has come to our attention that some parents and/or providers have received "phishing" emails that appear to have come from ELC staff but have not been sent by anyone from the ELC organization. “ Phishing ” refers to a form of fraud in which a scammer tries to learn important information such as login credentials or personal account information. The messages may appear to be from an organization you do business with or an internal staff member.
What You Can Do

Please be attentive when it comes to your email security. Before replying to an email or clicking on links included in an email, ALWAYS double check to make sure the email came from a valid ELC email address.

The ELC email address from individuals will always come with the following sender email address:
A few additional tips include:
  • Never share your password for any reason.
  • Do not share your social security number, account numbers and bank information via email.
  • Do not click on e-mail attachments that may look suspicious.
  • Make sure the sender has the correct email address: ( before responding to the email.
  • Think before you click.

Contact Us

Finally, when in doubt, contact your Provider Reimbursement Specialist.
We thank you for your cooperation.

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