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Worship | Small Groups & Sunday School
Good Afternoon Church Family,

Thank you for being the church, each day, as we seek together to navigate these uncharted waters. We are thankful that when changes happen, or life presents unexpected challenges, that God is with us, and we can trust Him.

Our Church Staff and Lay Leadership met
to discuss our best course of action at this time.

After much discussion, we unanimously voted on a plan for our church as we monitor current Covid conditions.

Beginning September 5, we will offer:

9:00am Outdoor Worship Service

11:00am In-Person Worship in Sanctuary
(Socially Distanced, Encouraging Masks)
Live Stream

The addition of socially distanced In-Person seating at the 11:00am Service will allow those who feel comfortable the option of attending an indoor service which will stream live as in past weeks.

Sunday Schools & Small Groups
Outdoor | Online | Indoor (Socially Distanced)

Our Small Groups and Sunday Schools will be offered the option to meet outside, or schedule an appropriately sized space (if available) to meet inside - socially distanced. Ask your Small Group/Sunday School leader to contact the church office about your preference. Please be flexible as we may need to ask your group to change meeting spaces temporarily. If you do meet inside, we are encouraging you to wear masks. If you would like to meet virtually, Zoom allows groups to connect at any time.

Children and Youth
Following School System Guidelines

We will mirror the Glynn County School System's closures for our Children and Youth. Outdoor activities are in the works for these groups, with more information forthcoming.
Our Staff continues to meet each week to evaluate our plans.

Our Church Lay Leadership continues to advise and evaluate our plans, and will meet periodically as needed, while we monitor our congregation and community.
Church Office: 912.638.3317