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Supervisor Ally Miller, District 1 

In a few days, most of you will receive your early ballot in the mail for the November 3rd election. There will be 7 Propositions for various purposes totaling $815,760,000 on your ballot.  With interest, this bond will end up costing taxpayers over $1 billion.  Out of 15 counties, Pima County already holds two times more debt than the other 14 counties combined.  That debt combined with the fact we have the highest property tax rate in the State, impacts not only current residents and business owners but any future residents and businesses who consider moving to the area.  I did not vote in support of holding this special bond election because I had serious concerns with our outstanding debt and many of the proposed projects in each proposition.

This email includes factual information pertaining to the bond election. I hope you will reference this information along with your voter pamphlet when your ballot arrives. I encourage you to share this information with your contact list. Whether you go to the polls on November 3rd or you vote via mail in ballot, please make sure you vote - the future of our region truly depends on it.

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Supervisor, District 1
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Proposition 425 - $200 million   
New Road Construction & Road Repair

This year, the Transportation Director estimates an 8% increase in gas tax revenue with no "sweeps" from the State Legislature. Even though we are receiving more monies for road repair, the County Administrator has budgeted ZERO dollars for pavement preservation.  Prop. 425 includes $140 million for road repair and $60 million for new roads.  The $140 million for road repair will be divided up and allocated to the City of Tucson, Sahuarita, Oro Valley, Marana and Unincorporated Pima County.  The type of repair and mileage will be determined AFTER the election. The bulk of road repair is proposed to begin in 2021 and be completed in 2028. 

My solution is to start utilizing the funds we ALREADY   receive for road repair instead of allocating them to other areas. We need to fix the roads now, not in 6 years and certainly not in 12 years. The County Administrator recently stated that bonding for road repair was "grossly inadequate"  and I completely agree with that statement. 
Bonding for Road Repair
Bonding for Road Repair: Supervisor Miller Questions Prop. 425

Did you know?
304 Changes were made to voter approved projects from 1998-2012?
The Truth About the Cost
By now you should have received your voter pamphlet for this Bond election in the mail.  Conflicting information has confused many who are concerned about how much the bond will actually cost. If your home is valued at $120,693 the estimated tax impact over 27 years is on average  $47.53  per year. Below is a side by side comparison of what is stated on page 5 and page 9 of the pamphlet. Page 9 is the estimated total cost to approve these 7 propositions yet does not account for any real increase in your home/business property value.  This calculation assumes interest rates of 2.78% for the first 5 years, 3.2% for the next 5 years and 3.45% thereafter, ( as shown on page 7 of the voter pamphlet ). Keep in mind these are only  estimated interest rates.  

**You are in fact approving interest rates UP TO 8%, for which the financial calculations are not included in the voter pamphlet.**  

I have requested this information from the County Administrator and will forward it on to you for your reference when he responds.

Estimated yearly tax Increase by assessed property value for a Primary residence

Did you know?
The County Administrator proposed closing 4 libraries in April due to lack of funds to operate and maintain the properties?  
Questioning Proposition 426

Prop. 426 includes numerous library expansions and new library construction.  I enjoy the services our libraries provide and believe the community truly benefits from the many programs available to County residents. I also know our library property tax rate has increased 49% in the past 3 years and just a few months ago the County Administrator proposed closure of 4 of our libraries.

I have concerns we are proposing more libraries and expanding existing locations when we cannot maintain the ones we currently have.  

Did you know?
304 Changes have been made to Voter approved Bond projects between 1998-2012 
Truth in Bonding

You often hear about the  Auditor General's report  on Pima County's 1997, 2004 & 2006 General Obligation Bond programs.  What you don't hear is that the audit did not audit specific projects in each bond.  Instead, the audit focused only on the purposes stated in each proposition. 

In fact, the Board of Supervisors approved 304 changes to projects voters had previously approved between 1998 and 2012.  The Truth in Bonding code allows for the Bond Advisory Committee and Board of Supervisors Majority to increase or decrease funding and scope of a project, move the funds of a voter approved project or to even cancel or delay a project.

Did you know?
Pima County has 7 projects left to complete from the 1997 HURF bond.  These projects are not anticipated to start until 2022/23.
Conflicting Information on the 1997 HURF (Road) Bond

Various memorandums and documents have shown a difference of $6 million in the amount remaining to issue from the 1997 HURF bond.  I questioned the County Administrator about this at our meeting in September. We have 7 projects remaining from the '97 bond and they are not slated to begin until  2022/2023.  Note: this is twenty-five years after voters originally approved the 1997 bond for roads.

Did you know?
It will cost $19.8 million just to sell the bonds?
Financial Advisory Fees & Selling the Bonds

Did you know?
Pima County's property tax rate is over three times the property tax rate of Maricopa County.
Pima County Debt

To view the 2 pages which analyze County debt, click below: 

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Voting Record

You can now access the voting record of the Board of Supervisors including video links of each vote and discussion on my website.  The site will be updated regularly so make sure to check back often.

Full Questioning on the Upcoming Bond Election 

Click Here to listen to the full Q & A on the $815,760,000 bond package. 
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