Important Information Regarding Return to School Plans
Dear Serra Families,

On November 9, we will be transitioning from a full Distance Learning schedule to a Hybrid Learning schedule. While we are in a Hybrid Learning schedule, your son will be on campus with the rest of the students in his cohort. Juniors and seniors will be on campus the weeks of November 9-20.  Freshmen and sophomores will be on campus the weeks of December 7-18: 

Schedule, Attendance:
  • Blue Cohort students will be on campus Monday and Tuesday; Gold Cohort students will be on campus Thursday and Friday. This will be adjusted for weeks where there is a holiday on either Monday or Friday. Note the schedule below for the weeks of November 9-20

  • In order to reduce student mixing, students will only be allowed on campus on those days designated for their cohorts.
  • Teachers will take attendance at the start of class for both cohort.
Arrival on campus:
  • Every individual arriving on campus will be required to complete a health survey through Ruvna prior to arriving on campus.
  • Students who display any of the symptoms in the health screening or are sick for any reason should stay home and attend their classes (in distance learning) virtually. Serra attendance policies are still in effect, parents will need to notify the school if their son(s) is ill and unable to come to school or attend their classes.
  • Directional signs have been posted throughout the campus which will promote social distancing throughout the school day.
  • During the initial re-opening phase, no parents or other visitors will be allowed on campus except for those designated as essential workers by the school administration.
  • Students that have completed the online parking form and submitted a copy of their driver's license will be allowed to drive to school. They will be notified of their parking assignment via the Padre Week Ahead. 
Student Requirements:
  • Students are required to wear masks or face coverings at all times when on campus, including common areas and parking lots. The only exception to this policy is when actively consuming food or beverages. 
  • Student ID cards will be required for all students on campus at all times. Students are required to display their student photo IDs at all times to assist staff members with student identification without removing masks. Students who violate this policy will be sent home. Serra will provide IDs and lanyards to the ninth, 10th and 11th-grade students upon their arrival to campus.  Because seniors are still taking their photos, they should carry their ID from the 2019-2020 school year with them. Serra will also provide a lanyard to seniors on their first day.
  • Students are required to bring earbuds, a headset or another similar listening device to school. They will be allowed to use earbuds during the school day. Students must remove all listening devices upon request by a Serra staff member.
  • Since power outlets on campus are limited, students should bring their devices (computers as well as listening devices) fully charged to school.
  • Students will not be allowed to print materials on campus.
  • Students will not be allowed to use lockers on campus.
  • Students will not be allowed to share school supplies (pencils, papers, earbuds, chargers, etc.) or food on campus.
  • Depending on the weather, some classes will be taught outdoors. Students should dress accordingly. 
  • Some teachers will be teaching remotely. Their classes will be taught in large spaces that allow for multiple classes to socially distance in the same location. Students in these classes will be required to attend classes in these locations and will not be allowed to arrive on campus late or leave early.
  • There will be a message later in the week with additional information for what students should expect from their teachers during hybrid learning.
Health and Safety:
  • Student desks, chairs, and tables will be disinfected by Serra staff between classes. This includes classrooms and independent study locations. Other high-touch surfaces will be disinfected by Serra maintenance staff throughout the day.
  • Additional protocols will be in place in order to ensure the health and safety of the school community. These protocols will be updated as conditions change and regulations from the San Mateo County Office of Health are modified. 
Independent Study Periods:
  • The cafeteria and gym will be converted to a study hall for students during their independent study period. Depending on the class period, students will be assigned to one of these locations.
  • Students will be assigned a specific location during their independent study period, such as the cafeteria or gym. Students are required to stay in the same location for the entire period unless going to and from the restroom or to their counselor.
  • During this initial phase of bringing students on campus in the fall semester, we will not be providing food service through the cafeteria. Students should bring their own food or snacks. Doordash, UberEats, GrubHub, and other food delivery services will not be allowed on campus. We will communicate food service plans for the second semester prior to the Christmas break.  
  • The library may be used for regularly scheduled class. Therefore, access to the library will be restricted. Students will not be allowed to use the library before or after school or during their independent study periods. Students should contact  Mr. Vallez-Kelly regarding library services.
Padre Core:
  • Padre Core Days will continue as virtual events, therefore students will not come to campus on their designated core day.
Full Time Distance Learners:

If parents have concerns about health and safety, they will have the option of having 
their students continue to learn from home. These students will be designated as "Full Time Distance Learners." Families who designate their sons as Full Time Distance Learners will need to keep in mind the following:
  • Parents will commit to Full Time Distance Learning for each grading period (six weeks), with no exceptions.This will be done through a Google Form -- this form is due back no later than Wednesday, November 4 at 3 p.m. If we do not receive a response from you, we will assume that you want your son to participate in hybrid learning for the grading period. 
  • Students will be required to attend all classes through Distance Learning, in real time (synchronously). They will be expected to be full participants: participating in class, turning in assignments on time, meeting with teachers as designated outside of class time.
  • Students will be encouraged to attend office hours for every teacher at least once weekly in order to ensure that they are staying current in their classes.
  • Parents are required to notify the Attendance Office if their sons are not in class or are tardy.
We thank you for your support and partnership as aim to make this experience the safest and smoothest for our Serra students and faculty. We will continue to send out pertinent information in the coming days and strongly encourage all parents and students to attend our informational webinar on Thursday, November 5 at 7 p.m. The webinar address will be sent to families in Spotlight on Serra on Wednesday. 


Charlie McGrath

Serra High School | 650.345.8207 |