Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we look back on the first half of the school year, we do so with gratitude. We have adhered to health and safety protocols that were implemented to keep our Trinity community safe, while at the same time providing an excellent education for both our in-person and eLearners. We have continued our in-person learning the past two blocks with zero cases of COVID-19 transmission at Trinity.

It has always been our intention and hopes that we would return to in-person learning as planned on January 6th. That being said, we realize that with the Christmas holiday upon us, many of our community members plan to visit with their loved ones. While we hope that everyone will continue doing what you can to help our community limit the spread of the virus, we also understand the importance of family. Therefore, after careful and thorough review of data and options, after Christmas break we will take an adaptive pause for the remainder of Block 2. The objective of the pause is to allow all Trinity students, along with faculty and staff members, to mitigate any potential exposures that they may have had to COVID-19 during the holiday break and alleviate some of the mental and emotional anxiety that the health experts have warned will contribute to unhealthy outcomes during these difficult times. This means that all students will participate in full-time virtual learning on school days beginning Wednesday, January 6th - Friday, January 22nd.  This adaptive pause is not an extension of your holiday break, but an opportunity for our families to quarantine after Christmas break and give our entire Trinity community the confidence to safely return to in-person learning beginning in Block 3 and continuing to June. Our goal is to finish the school year with as many in-person learners as possible during Block 3 and 4. Please click the link below for detailed information on Trinity's Adaptive Pause.
In addition, we will begin Christmas break at 3:05 PM on Thursday, December 17th. There is no school on Friday, December 18th.

Please continue to keep the Trinity community in your prayers, as many are personally struggling with this pandemic and its many repercussions in every facet of their lives. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Laura Curley
Trinity High School | Website