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Important Information about HS Scoring Rubrics and the LEAP Resume Component

As you prepare for the upcoming 2018 National TSA Conference, please be aware of the following changes to all high school scoring rubrics.

For all high school competitive events, the point value for the LEAP resume component will equal 10% of the total event points.
  • The goal in making this change, in response to state and chapter advisors at last year's national conference, is to benefit all participants in making the LEAP portion of each competition equitable.
  • For example, in Animatronics, the new event point value is 190 (without the LEAP component), plus the 10% LEAP point value of 19, for a total event point value of 209 points.
  • Most of the high school events' subtotals and overall total event point values have been affected by the change.
  • All events have been updated with proper event point totals and can be downloaded from the 2017 & 2018 HS Competitive Event PDFs in Total TSA.
Please contact Vickie Vo with any questions about LEAP or the scoring rubrics.
Suzy Orr
Membership Manager
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