PDTC ACT Secretary Volunteer Needed

PDTC is hosting an ACT event March 18th, 2023.

As we get closer to that date, I will be looking for more volunteers, but currently I am looking for an individual who would like to be the event secretary. The event secretary will be in charge of accepting entries, entering information into spreadsheets, collecting payment, and corresponding with entrants. It is an easy job if you are familiar with MS Excel spreadsheets and you will accumulate a good amount of volunteer hours.

If you are interested in this position please contact me at j.e.lang@comcast.net to learn more. I would like to have a secretary in place within the next few weeks.



President's Message

As we look forward to the Club's activities in the coming year, I want to thank the outgoing members of the Board of Directors for all of their hard work and welcome our new Board members. It is a pleasure to work with such talented and dedicated people.

Our success as a volunteer organization is possible because of the work of all of our members who ensure that our programs thrive. In 2023 we plan to expand our training, testing and trial opportunities and I welcome your ideas and participation.

Plan to attend our General Membership meetings and consider joining one of our committees so that you can stay current and be a part of the planning process.

Volunteering at our trials is the best way to get to know other members and to acquire the skills needed to take on important roles. By working together we can make this another terrific year for PDTC.

Suzanne Dennis,

PDTC President


We started the new PDTC Volunteer Hours Tracking System a year ago in January 2022. All current PDTC members were granted 20 hours (the number required to be eligible for class discounts and other member benefits like discounted barn rentals). 

Hours expire after a year on a rolling basis at the end of each month. This means that at the end of January 2023, the 20 hours that were granted in January 2022 will expire and drop off your balance. New members who received their 20 hours later in the year will still have them until the end of the month of the 1st anniversary from their granting. 

During the year, many members have entered their volunteer hours using the form on the PDTC website members-only section: CLICK HERE TO ENTER HOURS!. Other hours earned were credited to you through working at trials or attending meetings.  If you met the requirement to volunteer 20 hours last year, you will still have at least 20 hours in your balance after the initial 20 hours are deleted. That's perfect!!! Keep up the good work and continue to earn that volunteer credit!!

Everyone please be aware that going forward, each month the previous year's hours for that month will be deleted so pay attention to your balance to ensure continued eligibility. It is easy to check your balance on the website, everyone's name and balance is listed. CLICK HERE FOR BALANCES!  Also on that page you will find more information about how the rolling hours are calculated and how and when you are responsible for reporting your hours.

If you didn't earn 20 hours over the past year, you are still a valuable member of PDTC but you will not be eligible for discounts until you replenish your balance to the required 20 volunteer hours. If you are taking classes or renting the training locations, you will need to pay the non-member listed rate, which is also the member rate for those not eligible for discounts. As soon as your account shows 20 hours, you will resume discount eligibility. 

There are lots of opportunities to earn hours by assisting with obedience, rally, and agility trials and workshops/seminars, or participation on a committee. If you can't participate in person on weekends, there are other activities that will benefit the club and earn hours, such as being a registrar (coordinating registrations for either obedience or agility classes - we have different registrars for each day of the week) It’s a great way to earn credits and really helps the club.

**Note - PDTC Lifetime Members (those who have been nominated and approved by the Board and Membership) are not required to meet volunteer requirements to be eligible for PDTC benefits! 

Volunteer Hours - Opportunities

Are you looking for opportunities to earn volunteer hours? The Club is seeking members for the following committees:

Policy Committee – 1 member to Chair the committee and 2-3 additional committee members;

Data Base Maintenance – The Club is seeking a member to maintain a data base in Excel noting the number of classes completed by non-members. The class registrars will forward information to this coordinator at the end of each session. When a non-member becomes eligible for membership, the coordinator will notify the Membership Secretary.

Archival Scanning –The Club is also seeking several members who can scan archival material to be stored electronically. Interested individuals must have a computer and scanner at home.

Members interested in any of these positions should

email Suzanne Dennis at sudennis@verizon.net


Please take the time to read this detailed explanation created by Cheryl Cramer.



For trials, what gets reported vs. what do I report?

Reported by Volunteer Coordinator

“Day of” ring positions such as… 

Self-reported - Support activities that can happen before, during and after the trial:

•Trial chair & committee

•Volunteer Coordinator


•Raffle baskets

•Judge liaison/Judge’s gift

•Parking attendant


  • Volunteers assisting with these activities should self-report
  • Includes all activities associated with putting on the activity such as:




•“Day of” assistance

  • Primary organizer may be asked to verify hours reported

Jill Marie Chambers organizes the regular club hikes.  She selects the site, composes the announcement emails, tracks and responds to the RSVPs.  During the hikes, she acts as group leader and guide: she collects waivers, determines the pace and ensures the group stays together. 


Jill should self-report all the time it took to plan, coordinate and execute the hike.  She would report this as a Social Committee activity and could report it as a single event for each hike or as a cumulative total if there are multiple hikes in one month.

Note:  Hike participants do not report any hours earned.


  • Nancy Baumann does grounds & poop patrol for the Training Center.  She also spends time shopping for supplies and replenishing the containers.
  • Nancy should track and report all time spent doing this for the club. She would report this as Facility Management/Maintenance and has the option to report single work events or a cumulative total for time spent every month.
  • When possible, report cumulative time for the month.
  • Descriptions are useful and welcomed, but please keep them brief!  Beth will follow up with you if she has any questions.
  • Report time in 15-minute increments if necessary.

• 15 min = .25

• 30 min = .5

• 45 min = .75


CORRECT: 1.5 Hours

INCORRECT: 1 and a half hours



Suzanne Dennis


Vice President 

Cheryl Cramer


Corresponding/Membership Secretary 

Theresa M. Lyons



Randy Koslo


Recording Secretary 

Robert Blackstone


Member at Large 

Janet Brav


Member at Large 

Janise Gray


Member at Large 

Linda Tappin


Member at Large 

Shelley Webster 


First General Membership Meeting will be held via ZOOM 

on Friday, February 10th

at 8:00pm.  Watch your inboxes for more

information coming soon. 

PRINCETON DOG TRAINING CLUB | Princetondogtrainingclub@gmail.com