Resource Letter:
For Judges and Attorneys Handling Child Protective Services Cases
October 10, 2018
Request for Participation in Upcoming Round Table on Mediation in CPS Cases
Mediation is used in CPS cases throughout Texas and has been shown to be an effective and financially prudent method of resolving cases. One of the reasons why mediation can be effective is that the very process of mediation can engender a sense of fair treatment for participants. Studies show that an enhanced sense of fair treatment increases both acceptance and compliance with court decisions . Though the use of mediation to resolve CPS cases prior to trial has become widely accepted and is used in several jurisdictions, the Children’s Commission is interested in exploring whether there are benefits to employing mediation in earlier stages of CPS cases and/or in pre-removal circumstances.

The Children’s Commission will host a Mediation Round Table in Austin on February 22, 2019 to explore the benefits of expanding the use of mediation in CPS cases. The purpose of the round table would be to create a workgroup that would advise the Commission regarding issues affecting the utilization, timing, and effectiveness of mediation as well as related training, funding, logistics, and data collection. Preliminarily, the round table participants would discuss specific goals to improve mediation in CPS cases, identify workgroup members and research partners, and conceptualize workgroup projects.

If you are interested in attending the round table, or if you know of another professional in your jurisdiction who would be interested, please contact Dylan Moench at Children’s Commission with this information at .
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