Resource Letter:
For Judges and Attorneys Handling Child Protective Services Cases
August 31, 2020
Now Available: Tool Kit for Attorneys Representing Parents and Children in Child Protection Cases
The Children’s Commission’s Legal Representation Committee created a Tool Kit for Attorneys Representing Parents and Children in Child Protection Cases. The tool kit covers essential legal basics at a glance, including pleadings; motions; evidentiary issues; hearing checklists; and related federal law issues. The tool kit also covers concurrent and special issues related to child protection cases including child well-being; normalcy; dual status; incarceration; and trauma-informed advocacy.

To access a free, downloadable PDF of the tool kit, please visit the Children’s Commission website

If you are interested in receiving a printed copy of the tool kit, please respond to this brief survey. The survey will assist the Children’s Commission in determining the most efficient way to distribute printed copies during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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