Important Information on the
School-Age Enrollment Schedule
Dear School Readiness Provider,

The new Enhanced Field Modernization System (EFS MOD) requires our Family Services Specialists to utilize a unique enrollment schedule for ALL School-age children approved for FT care. The enrollment schedule is as follows:

  • FT – for Breaks and Holidays and PT for After-school from Monday - Friday, with an added feature of a “copayment override” for the days the child is in school.

  • The Copay Override Feature triggers the system to override the FT copayment during the period children are attending School and changes it to PT. Part Time is the correct reimbursement rate during the School-year.  

  • You may have noticed this change on the enrollment certificates which reflect PT as the copayment/rate for School-age children from Monday through Friday.

Please be informed that the current reimbursement rate for ALL school-age children authorized for FT care is FT now that summer has started. The correct unit of care is showing up on the attendance roster for payment so you will be paid accurately.  

If you have any questions regarding the accuracy of these rates, please contact your assigned Reimbursement Specialist.