American Landscape's
"Rhode Island Land and Sea" Tour
Thursday, June 6th, 2019
Thank You!  
Dear Tour Guest;

 I wanted to thank you all for being part of our “Rhode Island Land and Sea” tour on June 6th. Mother Nature once again steered inclement weather away from our travels, and sun prevailed for much of the day.

 Much appreciation goes out to the staff at Gilbert Stuart Museum. Captain Jack's rolling narrations were well received and added a lot to our tour. The shops in Wickford were very helpful finding Captain Jack, assisting in securing permission to park the bus, and providing special discounts for our tour quests.

The cruise afforded a view of Rhode Island I had never before seen. It was fairly smooth sailing except for a little e-ticket roller coaster ride in the middle. What was not well received and understandably was the wait to board the boat with our box lunches, instead of a sit-down restaurant lunch. I listen to and read every comment, and I agree. Much of the season the boat departs at 2pm, which would have allowed more than enough time to dine at a Wickford restaurant.

But early in the season the boat departs at 1pm which did not leave enough time for their requirement that we arrive one hour before boat departure. In discussion with the boat company after our trip, it’s clear that this requirement is more geared to later in season when the boat is running at full capacity to allow time for ticket processing.

Regardless I can assure you there will never be another box lunch on an American Landscape Tour again!

Thanks to those who have taken advantage of our special discount on our July 12th “Hydrangeas and Old Cape Cod" tour. We have decided to extend this offer for anyone who participated in our June 6th tour and (your friends) until this Friday, June 14 th . The offer is for $10.00 off our tour ticket, and $10.00 off our The Roots School Hydrangea workshop on June 23th, “Hydrangea Hula Palooza”.

Also, check out great photos from June 6th tour by Rick Haddad on:
Peter Pineo
Tour Director
American Landscape Tours