Hey everyone,

For those who may have missed what I announced last Sunday, and to remind us who were there, I wanted to share the specifics of our current situation so that we may be able to effectively pray and fast together as we continue to trust the Lord by faith that He will provide a new and glorious place for us to meet together as a congregation!
After 12 years of renting space from St. Mark’s come this July 1, 2021, we will have to vacate the premises here as they have opted to no longer renew our lease as they desire to occupy the entire building for their own use and purposes of which they refuse to disclose to us, which is their prerogative.

We need not worry but rather rejoice to know that the Lord will provide for us! Yet we as His people are called to pray! So as we pray together, I would also encourage you to fast specifically for a new building as the Holy Spirit may lead you.
How can you get involved?

1) Pray and Fast- We want to be open to God’s will as He leads and guides us.
2) Look- Keep your eyes and ears open for a new building that we might be able to occupy, be it in your travels if you see a suitable space for rent or if you happen to know real estate agents who might be able to also search for us that would be a great help, the more networking the better. Any information can be emailed to the church: secretary@ccogt.org
3) Give- We will need more funds for Demo work, build out, lawyer’s fees, security deposits, chairs, furnishings etc.
4) Be Available- to serve as we move from this space into the new space.
Here are some of the specifics that we need in a new space:

Location: Ideally, we would like to stay in, around the City of Yonkers, or at least within a 7-10 mile radius give or take.
*Central Avenue would be ideal.
Building Size: Between 12-15,000 + Sq. Ft.

Parking: Ideally between 200-300 spaces. Parking lot and or a parking lot and ample street parking. (Building size and Parking Combo are Necessary not Optional)

Types of Space Suitable: We do not need a “Traditional” Church building, but would certainly occupy one should the right one come available if it works for us.

We can meet in a Warehouse type space
Executive park / flex space
Retail Stores

Movie Theaters Gyms

So as you now know the specific needs, may we continue to pray and trust that our Lord will provide all our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus as He has promised us according to His will and in His way! These are exciting times for us as a congregation!

We will keep you updated along the way.

God bless you!

Pastor Johnny and the leadership of CCOGT
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