October 12, 2021
October 12, 2021

Dear Scouts and Scout Families,

Last week, our administration was informed of an incident that occurred between fans of the D128 Ice Cats (composed of players from Libertyville High School and Vernon Hills High School) and the Lake Forest Hockey team after a recent game in Vernon Hills. 

On Sunday, Principal Tom Koulentes of Libertyville High School released a statement detailing the incident and his team’s investigation. Vernon Hills High School Principal Jon Guillaume also shared a communication with his VHHS school community. Now, I am reaching out to our LFHS family with my own thoughts.

I have seen the videos that were posted on social media, were commented on, and were even “liked,” and I share Principal Koulentes’s deep sadness and disgust for what occurred there. I have been in contact with both principals who reached out immediately to apologize for the behavior of their students. They offered their sincere regret for what some of our students endured that night. I have full confidence that both of the administrations at Libertyville High School and Vernon Hills High School have worked and will continue to work to ensure that there are measured and appropriate consequences for those who were involved. As a result of that night or, if for any reason, you or your student are struggling, please do not hesitate to contact your dean or counselor.  

I know how hurt and angry this event has made our community, and I write this letter to offer that we see you, acknowledge you, and understand that we must all work together, as neighboring communities, to do better for our students. Further, I have heard of videos where some of our students are chanting insults to Libertyville High School students at competitions and dressing in ways so as to mock their community. Just last weekend, I heard rumblings of our students seeking avenues to retaliate with rumored plans to potentially vandalize personal property. This is not the answer. These actions have and will only continue an unhealthy rivalry between our schools - one that can likely lead to more poor decision making with unfortunate consequences.   

I have sent messages several times this year in praise of our Scouts, and I continue to be in awe of all that you are in classrooms, competition, and performance, but this recent episode is out of character. I ask that each member of our Scout community rise above whatever this rivalry is, was, or has become and stand behind our values as leaders and positive influences because we are Lake Forest High School, and LFHS leads the way.