Miami Beach Senior High PTSA ENewsletter
May 29, 2018 - Issue # 37
Test Prep Meeting on May 31 at 6 pm
The City of Miami Beach is funding  
an SAT/PSAT/ACT preparation program.  
The City is inviting all parents and guardians  
to an information session on May 31 at 6 pm at Beach High.
Prepworks provides online-personalized learning and uses adaptive technology to customize each course to fit students' specific academic needs. Available on any Internet-ready device, Prepworks test prep programs can be accessed at any time. Combining hundreds of animated HD videos, thousands of practice questions with step-by-step solutions, and engaging instructional activities, Prepworks explores essential foundational concepts and teaches proven test strategies that help students significantly improve ACT/PSAT/ACT test scores.
Student information sessions are scheduled in school  
on the below dates where our youth will learn  
how to register and begin preparing:
Miami Beach Senior High School - May 29 and May 30
The City of Miami Beach will continue to support the strategic outcome to achieve K-12 public school excellence through our Education Compact.
Questions? Please feel free to contact Dr. Leslie Rosenfeld at  

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