Notice: VCP Membership Dues to Increase by $5/month, Effective July 1, 2022

Please read to the bottom for Frequently Asked Questions...

Dear Friends of the Village,

This notice is to inform our members that effective July 1, 2022, monthly dues will increase from $50 to $55 a month. We also anticipate a $5 increase in 2023, bringing monthly dues to $60 on July 1, 2023.

Just as we have all been impacted by rising costs in our businesses, personal lives, and households, our organization has also seen a general increase in utilities and maintenance costs, stemming from increased costs in fuel, raw materials (including pool chemicals), and contract labor. We also anticipate a potentially substantial increase in our annual insurance premium, consistent with what many Floridians are seeing. As an organization, it’s important that we keep our dues income in-line with inflation and these rising costs so that we can continue operating with high standards, maintain our beautiful grounds, and give ourselves the ability to continue saving for repairs and improvements.

Whether you’re a Founding Member, a new member, a regular volunteer, or a family or individual who visits rarely but is proud of what we’ve built together in service to our community–we are thankful for your steadfast support of our organization and endeavors!

Thank you,

Your VCP Board of Directors

Krista Singleton, Cynthia Hale, Kristy Roman, Todd Rosenhaus, and Sue Andersen

See below for more details and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the dues increase change take effect?

July 1, 2022. 

I am set up on monthly autopay--do I need to do anything different with my billing when this change takes effect?

No, no action is needed on your part. Our payment collection service, JoinIt, will automatically adjust your payment to $55 (plus a third-party payment processing fee of $2.75) starting on July 1, 2022.

I like to pay a full year in advance by check. When can I make my payment?

If you pay annually, you can make your payment anytime between now and July 1, 2022. Your annual check amount should be written as $660 to The Village Club & Preserve. It can be placed in the red box on the check-in desk or mailed to 2261 SW Racquet Club Dr, Palm City, FL 34990. Like last year, you will receive a more detailed communication on payment in June and dates when members can stop by the VCP in person and drop off payment.

I just joined because I like to use the pools--is $55 comparable to other local options for pool access?

Our organization is unique--we’re a non-profit with amazing people who dedicate their time to keep our operating costs very low! At $55/month, we believe membership at the VCP continues to deliver exceptional value at a below-market rate for the facilities available to members. Other local tennis/swim clubs (for-profit country club-like facilities) charge $125-150/month for a social membership, often with an additional upfront or annual fee. Our local Martin County aquatics option, with a budget supported by County funds, increased individual season passes by 20-25% from 2021 t0 2022. Our 10-acre grounds offer a variety of recreational options in a private and secure setting.

I no longer want to support The Village Club & Preserve. How do I cease payments?

We appreciate the support of each of our members, but understand there are different seasons in life and reasons why households may want to cancel their memberships. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to VCP President Krista Singleton at 772-888-0094 or villageclubpreserve@gmail.comor click here to complete our Cancellation Form to formally end your support and cancel your membership.

Can I view the VCP’s financials?

Yes. As a 501(c)3, our annual 990 tax form is publicly available. You can access it through the IRS website Charity Finder feature or by clicking here. Our 2021 990 will be publicly available once it has been filed.

I didn’t realize my dues could be increased--how was this decision made?

The VCP is governed by a board of directors, with the authority to make decisions for all aspects of the organization’s operations. After carefully reviewing all areas of expenses and looking to future needs, they determined that raising dues by $5/month is necessary to keep our income in-line with inflation and increased operating costs. The ability to raise dues with 60 days notice and adjust autopay is laid out in our Handbook. Acknowledgement and agreement to follow all provisions of the Handbook is a requirement of membership.

What is the most pressing/highest cost maintenance need right now?

Over the last year, aging and failed pool equipment repairs totaled over $20,000–above and beyond regular maintenance and chemical expenses. Over the next 5-10 years, the expected total replacement cost of our aging aquatics equipment is approximately $150,000. 

Are we healthy financially right now?

Yes. Our Board takes their fiduciary responsibility seriously–avoiding debt, saving for planned future improvements and unexpected expenses, and looking for ways to keep costs low without compromising on maintenance. We own our buildings and property outright with no liens or encumbrances.

Have you explored cost-savings measures? 

We continually look for ways to keep costs low, balanced with keeping our grounds well-maintained, clean, enjoyable, and safe for our members and guests. The biggest thanks goes to a core team of volunteers: greeters, class instructors, event leaders, helpers on daily tasks and administration, and those who take on projects and general maintenance. These capable volunteers worked tirelessly day after day to help keep costs low. Please remember to thank a volunteer next time you’re at the VCP! Ready to jump in and help? Click here to complete our Volunteer Application. 

How many members do we have now?

We currently have 372 member households. We opened the VCP with just under 340 and have grown steadily. The most common reason for cancellation has been a move out of the area or (sadly) the passing away of the member. 


How are members primarily using the property?

We have sustainers--those who made an initial donation and rarely (if ever) visit our grounds, but are just happy to have the property restored and a vibrant organization in the middle of our community. We also have many households who only come up to the grounds occasionally, but appreciate the facilities and events and enjoy having a gathering place to meet with neighbors and make new friends. Then we have regulars who rarely miss a week at the VCP and consider it a home-away-from-home...without the pools, summertime in Florida would be rough! And then we have many who faithfully serve their neighbors as volunteers at the VCP. Whatever category you fall into--we appreciate you and recognize that your monthly financial support and volunteerism is key to our success. 


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