Dear Sequoyah Families, 

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the support and generosity you have shown to Sequoyah during these unprecedented times. Our community auction raised $108,000 for our indexed tuition program. We are doing our best to make sure that Sequoyah will have the resources to support families who have experienced financial hardship due to the pandemic. In previous years the auction has been a chance for the Sequoyah community to come together and have fun. This year, while we were not able to gather in person, even over zoom I could still feel the Sequoyah spirit coming through. I hope you did as well. Thank you to all our parent volunteers (both current and alumni) and staff for working so hard to make the evening a success.  

I am also writing to update you on the work of the COVID-19 Task Force. We are excited to announce that Carbon Health, a technology based health care provider, will be taking us on as a pro bono client. Sequoyah parent/trustee/Task Force member, Sujal Mandavia, is the chief medical officer of Carbon Health, which has been managing and responding to COVID-19 since it was first detected in California. They have developed effective protocols to protect their frontline workers and are currently advising businesses both large and small on best practices. They will help Sequoyah identify vulnerabilities, develop best practices and protocols, and advise us on operationalizing protective measures and monitoring through their technology platform. You can learn more about Carbon Health here . I am extremely grateful to Carbon Health and reassured that as a community we will have their expertise to help guide us.

The Task Force is deep into scenario planning for the fall and is working on a number of scenarios (a full return to campus, various hybrid or blended learning models, and continued distance learning), which will be based on the parameters set by government authorities. We will be able to share the details of these plans with you likely by mid to late July. The Task Force and working groups will continue their work over the summer and I will be sure to send out updates to keep you as informed as possible as our planning unfolds.  

We are planning to begin the school year as previously scheduled - August 24th for high school students and September 9th for K-8 students. While we may not be fully back on campus, school in some form will begin on these dates. 

Over the summer, we will offer a range of orientation activities for our incoming kindergartners and second year Pond and Bamboo students, as well as orientation events for our incoming 9th graders, plus orientations and opportunities for new students across all grade levels to connect. Mason Kaye, director of community programs, is putting together virtual options for K-12 summer programming and will be sharing that information with you next week.  

Your input is vital to us as we move forward. We will be providing opportunities for parents to offer feedback over the coming months, including grade level surveys to help us improve the distance learning experience. We want to hear from you. 

With so much uncertainty all around, the one thing I can promise is that regardless of the plan or mode of operations we may find ourselves in at any given time, we will remain dedicated to providing your children an education that challenges the mind, nurtures the heart, and celebrates human dignity. 



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