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Northeast Florida MLS, Inc.

Attention NEFMLS Brokers:


Effective March 31,  2012, the Northeast Florida MLS, Inc. will no longer syndicate listing information to third party websites such as Zillow, Trulia, etc. (see entire list below).  


However, you, the broker, may continue to syndicate (or advertise) your own listings to any third party website by using ListHub. NEFMLS offers ListHub to our brokers as a member benefit at no cost to you. 


First some Background

Syndication is the distribution of listing data to third party non-member websites such as the aforementioned. In the beginning, the idea of syndication was a benefit provided by NEFMLS to increase listing exposure on your behalf to potential consumers via these websites.  However, now the number of available consumer oriented real estate websites has increased exponentially and therefore it is difficult (if not impossible) to choose those websites that are best for the entire membership of the NEFMLS.


Therefore, it is the consensus of the NEFMLS Board of Directors that only you, the broker, can truly determine what third party websites best fit your marketing needs. NEFMLS will continue posting all listings to those vendors that we have agreements with including,,, RealtyWEB.Net, and 


Syndication is not IDX.  The simplest definition of Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is that it provides cooperating brokers of NEFMLS with the ability to display each other's active listings on each other's approved professional websites once an IDX agreement has been executed with the MLS.


Lastly, this change has no impact on your ability to advertise your own listings on any website. 


What should you do if you want to continue syndicating your listings?


1.     Establish an account with ListHub - go to to register.  There is no cost to you for the basic service. ListHub does offer an optional upgraded service with more in depth reporting features. 


2.      Login to ListHub and review the numerous real estate sites or "channels" available.  With a single click, you can quickly and easily syndicate your listings.  ListHub provides you with each channel's terms of use as well as a "Channel Scorecard" detailing information for you such as what property types does it display, what is their refresh rate...etc 


That's it-you are now syndicating your listings to sites you select that fit your marketing plan.


How do I decide what sites are best?


Really, only you know which sites will fit your Internet marketing plan.  First, check the terms of use and "scorecard" for each viable channel.  Some criteria to consider is: do they re-syndicate your listing data to other sites, what type of market are they appealing to, what is their refresh rate, and how do they handle leads, just to name a few.  Also, ListHub provides reports to help you determine which sites are actually driving leads back to you.   If you find a site is not working for your "market" it is just a few simple clicks to stop syndication to a site and try a new direction.  NEFMLS will cease syndicating all listing data to AOL, HotPads, Homefinder, CLRSearch, FrontDoor, MyREALTY, Oodle, Vast, Zillow, and Trulia.


Who can access my ListHub account?


Only the broker of record may access and change settings within ListHub.  However, you may invite others from within your office to login and obtain reports for their own listings at no cost.  Again, an optional enhanced service is available to those individuals you invite.  If you own multiple offices within the same MLS you will only need to create one account, just enter the other office codes during registration or go to your settings. Now, you, the broker, will be in control of your inventory advertising, where it appears on the Internet, and take charge of your own Internet marketing plan.


NEFMLS will be happy to assist you in this transition.