Volume 4 Issue 8 | March 2020
Good day everyone…..or maybe…….good health everyone.

The last month has truly been a world turned upside down. I know the disappointments everyone has felt & continues to feel from the cancelling of the National Tournaments to District tryout camps, America’s Showcase to Schools, Professional Sports…the list goes on & is changing every day.

Please take this opportunity to focus on staying healthy & strong. Exercise, eat right, watch over each other, take care of each other…….come together in your communities & help those that need it.

Be sure to follow the CDC guidelines along with your local, state & federal government recommendations/mandates.

We’ll all be back on the ice soon---get that hockey equipment cleaned, sanitized & ready to go!!

This will be the final issue of the AHAI Girls’ Snapshot for this season. Future monthly issues will start back up when the time is right.

Please know that I am available by phone or email.

Stay Safe & Healthy,

Anita Lichterman
AHAI Girls
Last month I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural USA Hockey Women’s Leadership Summit in Anaheim, California. The speakers were amazing and covered a very wide variety of topics while empowering all participants with knowledge spanning from sports to the different issues facing our female demographic in today’s society. The speakers also addressed how we, as strong females, can stand up and have our voices heard as an army.

This article will highlight some of the key points from the summit. Additional information will be made available to organization attendees at the annual AHAI Affiliate Leadership Conference (AALC) at the end of May.

Below are the topics that were covered in an extremely short period of time:
  • Building confident girls into competent women
  • Learning from experience
  • Inclusion
  • Building trust
  • Knowing your value and Finding your voice
  • Growing the game

Whether you are a young player, adult player, coach, parent, administrator or hockey director, we are all leaders in our own way, and we need to work in unison toward the same goals.

In any part of life, goals are an essential element to success. How we develop a strategic action plan and implement it depends on having the necessary tools at our disposal. The end goals can be huge and accomplished by achieving several small goals along the way.

Keep these things in mind the next time you’re faced with any type of situation:

  • DRAMA is the #1 issue facing girls and young women.
  • Always believe that one person, one action CAN make a difference.
  • “You CAN control YOUR attitude and effort” - Kendall Coyne
  • “Failure doesn’t exist” - Kobe Bryant
  • Recognize what’s really going on; look beyond the person and find their story.
  • Communicate and listen.
  • Anatomy of trust: B.R.A.V.I.N.G. (Boundaries * Reliability * Accountability * Vault * Integrity * Non-judgment * Generosity). Please click HERE for a description of each word and a valuable exercise to complete.

There were many more attention-grabbing phrases from the WLS. For a full list, please feel free to send an email to girls@ahai2.org.

How we handle the above statements and use them daily in our mindset will help us reach personal success with self-awareness and self-confidence.

Future issues of the Girls’ Snapshot will have added attention-grabbing phrases and exercises to try.

Let’s work together to create the best Girls’ Hockey Community possible!!  


Stay Safe and Stay Healthy,

Anita Lichterman
AHAI Girls
Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and the mandates from the Governor of Illinois and public health officials, the Amateur Hockey Association Illinois, Inc. (AHAI) is strongly encouraging all hockey organizations to curtail operations for the time period identified by the Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”).

Because large events can fuel the spread of the disease, the CDC said gatherings of 50 people or more should be canceled or postponed throughout the country for the next eight weeks. Of course, as information becomes more readily available, that number may very well decrease.

The safety and well-being of our athletes, their families, friends and fans will always take precedent over everything else.

We sincerely hope that our hockey participants, fans and organizations follow the lead of the medical community and not place anyone in jeopardy of infection or the spread of infection and will further recognize that safety must always come first.
Dealing with Disappointment During Coronavirus Cancellations, Postponements
By Positive Coaching Alliance - The recent cancellations of playoffs, championships, games, tournaments, and meets at every level are disappointing, but I also am aware they are necessary to prevent further spread of disease. While cancellations and precautionary measures continue, how can I (as an athletic director, coach, or parent) talk to my athlete about this disappointment?
Please join AHAI in congratulating the following player and coaches on their achievements during the 2019-2020 hockey season.
Cammi Granato Female H.S. Player of the Year 
Kennedy Stein
Lake Forest High School

Girls Coach of the Year 
Mike Campbell
Naperville Sabres 

Girls High School Coach of the Year 
Mason Strom
Fenwick Girls Varsity
Chicago Mission
Girls 12U AA
Chicago Young Americans
Girls 14U AA
Chicago Mission
Girls 16U AA
Chicago Mission
Girls 19U AA
West Dundee Leafs
Girls 10U A
Naperville Sabres
Girls 12U A
Chicago Bruins
Girls 14U A
Evanston Wildkits
Girls 14U B
Northshore Warhawks #1
Girls 16U A
Chicago Bruins
Girls 19U A
Congratulations to the 2020 Girls High School Varsity Final 4!
New Trier Girls Varsity
Fenwick Girls Varsity
Upper Fox Valley Girls Varsity
Loyola Academy Girls Varsity